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Hi guys,

I`ve noticed there`s a video cfg file in the above path that contains the following info:

Just wondering why the AAQUALITY in VIDEO is set to 0 and can I change that to 1 or enable it somehow? I`m not sure if altering anything here will have a good or bad effect or possibly have no effect :p so that`s why I`m asking.

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Mmm... I just looked at my post again and realised the info I`d posted wasn`t there... don`t know why as when I click "edit" it`s there... strange one...

Anyway, I`m asking about the settings in the video file found in Assetto Corsa > cfg > video.

In my file the AAQUALITY is set to 0...

Why is the AAQUALITY set to 0 and should it be at 1 or enabled another way somehow? Although the quality in AC is pretty good I`m looking to see if I can increase it somehow as I`m still seeing a small amount of jaggies here and there and want to eliminate them...

Hope this info sticks this time... :)
I believe that switches between FXAA and MSAA (there's an FXAA checkbox ingame but it's unfortunately not near the AA slider), not sure which one is better but the better one does come at a framerate cost.
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Thanks Stereo...

Yeah, I have the Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing (which I take to be the FXAA) found in "Effects", unchecked in game. So checking this would set the AAQUALITY to 1 yeah?

I already have the AF and AA (found in "Display") maxed so I can`t up them anymore...

I realise that some of these settings will have a frame rate hit but just want to experiment a bit but not mess things up.

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