Brands Hatch

Laserscanned Brands Hatch?
It's done when it's done I think is the most you can get, they'll be fixing bugs their beta testers find. They're going to 'release candidate' type betas this Friday though (no new features/content after that, only bug fixes) so probably next week or the one after that.

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How are you going to watch 24 hours of Le Mans

  • On national tv

    Votes: 247 34.3%
  • Eurosport app/website

    Votes: 196 27.2%
  • WEC app/website

    Votes: 136 18.9%
  • Watch party

    Votes: 59 8.2%
  • At a friends house

    Votes: 18 2.5%
  • At Le Mans

    Votes: 65 9.0%