British Superbikes 2022/23

British Superbikes 2022/23 1.3

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DoughertyJames submitted a new resource:

PROJECTBSBBYJAMESD - British Superbike Teams Project

Hey guys, I have teased a BSB team package release across my social media platforms so here is the first version ready for release at last, I have been working on these for the last two weeks in all my free time, so I hope you guys like it. (There is a LOT more work to go but I wanted to release some teams for you all)

First thing I will say is you MUST go to your Paks folder and remove the '_0' from the PAK names for any of my mods to work!

This mod is pretty much for replacement custom...

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Btw you deleted the _P from your pak name, that's why it doesn't work.

It's currently called "pakchunk12-WindowsNoEditor_BSBV1.pak" when it should be "pakchunk12-WindowsNoEditor_BSBV1_P.pak"

The _P is important, the game will prefer any _P file over any file without it.

I wouldn't recommend telling people to rename their stock game files as it may create game crashes or issues when new patches are released.
DoughertyJames updated PROJECTBSBBYJAMESD with a new update entry:

UI, FS-3/PBM Racing Update


- File name changed as advised by BIKER7202 (thanks mate as always)
- FS-3 Racing Kawasaki Livery Update
- PBM Ducati Livery Update
- Added UI Bike Menu Photos for Rich Energy OMG Yamaha, FHO Racing BMW, FS-3 Racing Kawasaki
- Carbon Effect Front Fairing for Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha
- Constructor Winner FHO Racing BMW Bike UI Replaces Motorad BMW

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DoughertyJames updated PROJECTBSBBYJAMESD with a new update entry:

Next team requests please

I am going to work on the next liveries over the weekend, sadly I was 80% completed on Chrissys bike but as we all know we sadly lost him at Donington so have put this on hold as I am unsure whether it would be appropriate and other than smaller tweaks to refine the released teams already I thought I'd ask what you all want next?

I am thinking of attempting the new entries of Millenco Honda and Mar-Train Yamaha but as you guys are the ones downloading let me know your requests.

Thank you...

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Are these complete models with physics? I would like to try adding a motorcycle to a car racing simulator.
I already built one moto, but it uses physics from a car, it is almost completely undrivable. Only AI can drive it through the whole race.
DoughertyJames updated British Superbikes 2022/23 with a new update entry:

2023 plans!

Hello SBK BSB fans,

I have not released any updates since it would be pointless as we are into the new season, on request and through some real BSB paddock riders liking the content I am happy to announce this mod will be continuing development in the coming weeks
Not in any specific order here are the skins lined up next

-Ryan Vickers, Rich Energy Yamaha
-Danny Kent, LKR Racing ( this will be released upon official team launch!)
-Max Cook FS3 Racing Kawasaki
-Hector Barbera TAG Racing...

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