DiRT Rally Cant make the car liveries work


I have downloaded some of the great car skins thats been uploaded here. But when in game i cant find them. Can someone explain step by step on how to, and where to put the files?
And me. You will not see them in the car selection. You must make a note of what car livery they replace. Until some clever modder can get it to show updated liveries that is. For example my Martini Lancia Stratos is the black car in the selection.
Hope this helps.
I am having trouble also in getting the downloaded skin into the DR cars folder. I select the download that is placed in WinRAR, place click n drag the livery it ells me to do so but when game is started, I cannot find the skin. Checked all liveries to be sure on the chosen car. Would this not work because I did not back up the original files?

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