CZ Trackpack List in the national order

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@Leza Dreamizer These tracks are all able to use offlin, right? I've downlaoded Semetin and I can play it offline in Trackday, but I downlaoded another track and it wouldn't load.
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Thanks again, mate. Picked up RBR again after a couple of months. Was on hold. I already played Semetin 2009 + 2010 to dead.. I can dream them, haha. I've installed Undva 1 & 2 and Verkiai at the momen as well. Tried Biskupice and Uhorna but alas both either crash or stuck on loading. Guess they are not public. Going to install a bunch of others after my beautysleep, haha. Hope they work flawless. I am really really impressed by Undva cause it has all the little details. GG to RallyGuru! Only what bothers me a bit is that I can't get rid of the normal tracks in hotlap / trackday. I only want to race public modded tracks cause they are so much better / more detailed. Guess I need to delete some file or so.

Keep it up, mate!

ps. Guess I am going to install Komarov.
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