Didn't realise you can resume a race!

Just found out you can view a replay and resume at the point you get up to! Why isn't that advertised anywhere? Brilliant! I can do longer race! Or continue just before I threw it away!

On top of this by enabling me to run longer races.... Does the ai pit properly for fuel/tyres?
It is in the Features part of the RF2 website:
– “Resume from Replay” allows you to rejoin a race from a saved replay


The AI will pit for Tires and/or fuel when needed yes, plus as of the latest Build this became quite a major addition:
- Added tire wear info to results file. Also, resume-from-replay now restores general tire wear.

Enjoy :)
So it's not just a matter of being in your pit box? If you're anywhere on pit lane you're going to get trapped? I've tried it a couple of times in the past where I restored to a point on a straight and even then I had either the limiter problem or I immediately spun out because I didn't have the wheel aligned exactly as I had it before I unpaused the run.
I can't figure out how you guys are doing this.
Can someone please give a step-by-step guide on how to do this.
Every time you play rf2 it records a replay. When you start rf2 if you go to options and select replay then select the replay of your last race you can at any point whilst viewing the replay press the resume button and resume from that point

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