Ever felt just the left-front tire lockup through your wheel? GTR2 does it.


Very specific question, I know. I actually didn't even know if I should expect GTR2 to be able to provide that kind of FFB information. At it is, it can and it does! :)

I've been tuning FFB in the HQ F575, at HQ Imola 2005, to achieve more realistic grip feel when losing grip. When you lose grip the wheel becomes lighter. You can modify just how strong this effect is by modifying your UserData\User.PLR file and the Grip Weight parameter. By tuning this I became aware I was feeling the loss of grip on just one tire when braking heavily into certain bumpy corners. It was such a great detail to feel through the wheel.

Try the attached PLR FFB settings if you're interested in giving it a try. Just copy&paste out the FFB parameters to your own PLR file. Try it with the HQ Cars & Tracks mod with the HQ 575 at HQ Imola 2005. There's plenty of high speed braking zones into left-handers where the bumps will indicate to you that the left-front wheel is losing grip while the sensation that the right-front still has grip.

Just thought it was super fasincating to be able to tune such an old engine and get these kinds of subtle details out it. Physics FTW, I guess. :)


EDIT: Updated PLR to a slightly more refined version after my original post.

EDIT 2: I've been tuning against HQ Cars & Tracks Mod 9.6 beta


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