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Fernando Deutsch submitted a new resource:

ferito-liveLeaderboard - Realtime Leaderboard with color notifications and lap times

Realtime leaderboard information of drivers positions. Information includes
  • Position
  • Driver name
  • Laps
  • Delta from leader time (practice, qual) or realtime distance (race)
  • Latest lap
Colors are used to indicate driver change position using for green improved and red for being demoted. For lap times, magenta is session best lap time, green best personal time and yellow current lap time. Player driver is displayed in yellow....

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Great job Fernando! It has almost everything I need.
Just one thing and it'll be perfect: would you please consider adding an option to show last lap gap instead of the live one?
Something like:

1 SMI 2 +0.200 54.500
2 TIF 2 -0.100 54.200
3 Myself 2 -.--- 54.300

Thanks :)
Hi @Rigel,

I am looking for a much precise way to calculate realtime time distance between cars. If I am not able to do it I probably will show the gap based on the s/f line, or, as you suggest, the delta from last lap time, similar to I think ptracker does.

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