Ferrari Velas Esports Series - Hot Lap Prizes & Prize Draws!

Just like last year, the Ferrari Velas Esports Series will not only look to put the best sim racers from Europe (And now North America) head-to-head, but will also aim to provide opportunities for fans & viewers of the series to win prizes for themselves via Hot Lap Competition and Prize Draws!

We have 4 sets of Prizes ready to hand out across the year and will be doing so for each phase of the competition, that means if you don't win a prize during the Hot Lap Qualifiers you can still win during the Qualification Races, Regional Finals or Grand Final phases!

You can find the available prizes for each phase of the competition below!

Hot Lap Qualifiers:
1 hot lap qualifier.png

Qualification Races:
2 qualifier race.png

Regional Finals:
3 regional final.png

Grand Final:
4 grand final.png

There are 2 ways you can win the prizes listed above, through a hot lap competition or through a prize draw. The prizes you can win and the method in which you can win them depends on the phase of the Ferrari Velas Esports Series.

For the Hot Lap Qualifiers you will need to register for the prize contests through, once done you must set the fastest lap you can on the hot lap competition server with the allowed car, the server is only up between certain dates so be sure to check when they open and close by reading section 12 of the prize regulations here. The driver with the fastest lap at the end of the prize window for that hot lap qualifier will be awarded with the hot lap prizes listed above.

For the Prize Draws that will take place during the Qualification Races, Regional Finals & Grand Final phases you will also need to register for the prize contests through There will be 4 draws for prizes in total and you must register for for the prize contests before these draws take place, the deadlines for each draw can be found in section 9 of the prize regulations here so please read them carefully. The winner of a prize draw will be awarded one of the prizes within the pool available to them for their draw, once a participant has won a prize they are excluded from any remaining prize draws.

Registration for the hot lap competitions & prize draws are already open and you can register for them at the links provided above, make sure to read the regulations as well as it's expands on important information like which regions are accepted for prizes, the deadlines for registrations and rules for the participants involved!

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