[Fictional] Mercedes AMG GT3 2016 - Team KICKER

Skins [Fictional] Mercedes AMG GT3 2016 - Team KICKER 1

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Rapier22.CM submitted a new resource:

[Fictional] Mercedes AMG GT3 2016 - Team KICKER - Team KICKER Livery Adapted from GRID Series

Hi! This is My First Ever Livery that I made. This is the original Mercedes AMG GT3 by Kunos with Team KICKER Livery.

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It is what if style if Team KICKER Competes in GT World Challenge Europe. I decided to insert 2022 style number into this one.
Feel free to take this onto the track and thank you!

Credits :
Kunoz Simulazioni's Skins in helping me inserting some of their elements...

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