Fix for Microstutters with old profile in EA v0.8.6r

If you are experiencing microstutters with the latest version of AMS, it might be because you were being cocky like me and have copied your old profile into the new profile folder in order to not have to set it up again.

In that case, you need to delete it :(
Then do a Steam integirty check (left lick AMS in your library -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache) for good measure.
Start up AMS again and set up your profile again, with audio, graphics and controller settings. In my case, my custom controller preconfig was still there, but I had to load it and set FFB strength to a positive value manually. This probably takes less time than you think - about three minutes in my case.
Done, enjoy the butter smooth performance you are used to from before.

Afaik you can copy car setups from your old profile into your new profile folder though.

P.S.: I will probably post the same thread on Reiza forums as soon as their servers are up again. I do not take credit for this solution since I read it in said forum and wanted to make it more readily available because it worked for me.

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