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DiRT Rally Ford Escort MK2 custom McRae Motorsport 1.1

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meerkat80 submitted a new resource:

Ford Escort MK2 custom McRae Motorsport - The heavily modified MK2 by DJM for Colin McRae

View attachment 105121 View attachment 105122 View attachment 105123 View attachment 105124 View attachment 105125 Car: Ford Escort MK2 heavily customized by DJM for Colin McRae
Year: 70s (accurate game model)
Drivers: McRae/Roy
Rally: Colin McRae Forest Rally
Installation folder: DiRT Rally\cars\models\cme\livery_44\textures_high (replace the empty blue livery)
Version: 1
Released: September 12th 2015
Author & contacts: meerkat80 (aka rivers);...

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Hi meerkat! Always a huge fan of your liveries! Could you make a version with DiRT plates for this one? Almost all your liveries have one.
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I don't have a Windows computer anymore :) Thanks for the support and enjoy everything I released so far. Happy rallying.

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