Cars Formula 79 by Race Sim Studio

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Ok it's great job again, but why only Formula car ?
Beautiful car!
I used to race the Lotus79 on Iracing for one or two seasons and love this car.
Hey guys, thanks for all the comments, I'll keep posting updates here as I'm making progress on the car. So far it's missing some more details on the cockpit, and then fix and finish the rear suspension as we've gathered new reference for it recently.
I'll probably make more progress near the weekend or next week for sure, so I'll keep you posted ;)
would be awesome if you done track packs too, your work is top quality and a lot of the current mod tracks for f1 are a bit meh
No that's too much work for just previews, I use Quixel for texturing only. This is done with Marmoset Toolbag, is perfect for previewing in real time and making quick renders.
I tried that toolbag2 I think , Not long back actually ,
Real time rendering is insane ,
I added my silverstone pit garage I beams , Around xmas time ,
Added some nice effects too , Smoke I believe or some kind of cloud systems ,
Really nice tools :),
One thing I noticed too , How come some UVS On the wireframe are converted to Mesh ,
And some still polygon with no Tri ,
You updated the model not importing the full model each time ,
And 1st time it was Tri or something :)

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