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Skins Formula A - F1 Mercedes Benz Petronas Team 0.2

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Nice personal version I must say.

Would of maybe better though if you didn't mix and match the old PETRONAS logo with the new one. Just a thought. But a nice version none the less.
Yes, i know.. but it´s so difficult to find the logos in high resolution, and create them from scratch will take me ages, the other problem is that project cars do not have a way to preview the skin on the fly as assetto corsa does, but i have a feeling that project cars is going to grow around this, let´s see how can i improve this one.. thank you
jcvargas524 updated Formula A - F1 Mercedes Benz Petronas Team with a new update entry:

Formula A - F1 Mercedes Benz Petronas Team 2015 Update

Updated to get a closer look to the 2015 version, i placed new logos and changed some textures, i still have to learn how the specular layer works, however this is a very clean skin, i´ve tried it on 4k and it looks great, i hope you like it
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