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Update 2015-01-04: After the Oct 2014 update I started to find the default in-game ffb settings were working better and I no longer had to edit any files. I'm no longer changing any ffb settings in-game on my G27. The only thing left over is the ffb center deadzone issue but that seems to be better with the latest updates. Not where it should be but better. The logitech profiler screenshot below still applies (except I now uncheck "Allow Game to Adjust Settings").

I'll start with the best setup from my testing so far. Please post your own setups, too.

I should note the majority of my testing was with the 134 Judd V8 at Hockenheim. I just tried the same settings with a BMW Z4 GT3 at Red Bull Ring and it felt even better I think.


- Matches my profile for iRacing except for "Allow Game to Adjust Settings" which should probably be disabled but I forgot.
- I will raise overall strength to 120% when S3 fixes the Brake Vibration bug noted below but right now if I raise the strength the Brake Vibration becomes aggravating.



- My settings will change once S3 addresses some bugs I've noted below
- Smoothing: I've never felt a need for smoothing on my G27 except for when raising the profiler overall strength and being unable to change the brake vibation. Smoothing/damping delays/messes with the sharpness of the your ffb which you generally want to avoid.
- Steering Force Intensity is 120% to help reduce the G27 ffb center deadzone. Still not perfect. Game needs an iRacing-like Min Force to solve it.
- Understeer: Might be lower than some people expect because it doesn't actually do what I expect although it is a little helpf
- Vertical Load: 200% to let me feel the "3d bumps" in all their glory :) Road feel helps you feel your way around a track, giving you more information about where you are at any given point aside from visuals, etc.
- Lateral Force: I like this but increasing it seems to drown out other non-steer forces like Veritcal Load. It seems you have to keep a careful balance on each of these settings or they counteract each other.
- Steering Rack: 0% because I never could get the feel of this.
- Engine Vibration: It's a buzzing/vibration coming through the wheel. Pretty useless on a G27. Maybe it works better on others.
- Brake Vibrations: 20%. It's a bug that even if you change it it won't stick. Will wait for a bug fix to tweak this more, almost certainly lower with a higher overall strength in the profiler.
- Kerb: Fine at the default 30% had to set this to 0% due to bug see below
- Shift Effect: 0% until I figure out the other ffb. Nice effect, though.

Comments from @Georg Ortner of S3 on FFB:
For now, as a general advice i´d tell you to:
  1. set your wheel to 900 degrees, and use a steering lock between 30 and 35*
  2. disable damper and springs in your drivers!
*540 degrees with steering lock 23 (or similar) works as well of course.

If you are driving a RWD car, then you might want to lower the lateral forces in the ffb menu a bit, and increase steering force + vertical load instead.
Once you will get to drive the FWD cars you will see though, why the default profiles have some lateral forces in there.

If you are not bothered by your wheel making a bit of noise (Logitech wheels in particular) then go ahead and set the smoothing to 0.

If you want to increase the feeling for oversteer etc. increase the steering force.
If you want to get more feedback from the road surface increase vertical load.
^ http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/wheel-settings-after-update.92742/#post-1808932

- I found removing my whole R3E folder (ie. my profile) in Documents\My Games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience provided me a better FFB experience out of the box. *But* I still a lot of time dialing in the ffb.
- My ffb tastes are for greater information from the wheel at the cost of force strength. I want to feel the nuances of driving and cornering over brute strength.
- Try turning down your engine volume while turning up your scrub/skid volume. A lot of the immersion of ffb comes from sound, as well, and since the G27 doesn't have good ffb cornering you'll need to hear your tires more to compensate.
- Different cars need different FFB setups (but we don't have this option): After testing extensively with the 134 Judd V8 on Hockenheim I tried the BMW Z4 GT3 and noticed I was no longer getting 'road feel' (ie. "3d bumps" via Veritcail Load). I believe this is due to the Judd having lighter steering, thus using up less wheel force, than the BMW with its heavier steering and apparently almost all wheel force going to steering forces with none left over for other types of forces.

- Brake Vibrations can't be changed no matter what you do.
- Can't disable force feedback / wheel centering no matter what you do (I got it to go complete off (wheel was slack) and I've never been able to get it back no matter what I do. This constant 'background wheel centering force' may be throwing off all of our testing ffb. Once S3 fixes it we'll have to go back and test ffb again.
- Kerb Effects: anything above 0% is too much for the G27. There should be a way to get a more graceful kerb ffb effect. This setting does not appear to apply to 3D kerbs only the flat ones. Whatever the effect is it's too strong for the G27.

- Force meter like iRacing to better determine when we're clipping force feedback. I need this to ensure that max corner forces don't exceed the limit of my wheel.
- Min Force like iRacing to solve the G27 ffb center deadzone issue
- FFB settings per car due to different cars having different steering physics (ie. weight of steering, etc.)
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This line defines the type of wave.
The Setting in the menu defines the intensity of this wave.

But as i said, its only used for flat curbs.
It won´t make a difference if you drive over 3d kerbs such as on Hockenheim or Hungaroring.
To reduce them you need to add smoothing.
Tried your exact settings but that makes a DFGT feels like a G27. DFGT looses its cristal clear n immedeate ffb effects.

Even the uncheck "allow game to change.." and using logitechs defaults gives me better feedback than r3e's. Still think they're messed up somehow and some effects interfere.
But as i said, its only used for flat curbs.
It won´t make a difference if you drive over 3d kerbs such as on Hockenheim or Hungaroring.
To reduce them you need to add smoothing.
Smoothing is a global change, though, and effects all other force effects, correct?

It would be nice to get a setting to just reduce the 3d kerbs.
Hi there,
No matter what I do, H-Pattern will not engage in car. Any ideas?
I turn it on in the advanced settings yet as soon as I'm in car it reverts to paddle shifts.


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