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Introducing something special in the Assetto Corsa Racing Club - Our very special Ferrari Celebration events!

As many of our regular racers may already be aware, we run two different kinds of club here at RaceDepartment. We hold regular events for those of you in the European time zone, and a further racing club for our friends over in the United States and surrounding areas. Often the content within both clubs will remain very similar, and always both sides of the pond produce outstanding sportsmanship, enjoyable racing and high spirits with great banter. That is our target, and one we strive to achieve each and every time.

From tonight Monday nights in our EU club will be taken over by the joy of the Scuderia, with each Monday up to and including the 16th October set to feature some of the best content from the latest Ferrari Celebration DLC.

Over in the US club we will be dedicating Thursday night to all things Italian, with a first event running this 28th September and going all the way through to the October 19th.

Subject to the success of our event,s we may look to extend the Ferrari Celebration races for a further few weeks..

So without further ado, let us take a look at the upcoming schedule for the Ferrari Celebration month in the Assetto Corsa Racing Club!

EU Racing Club.

Monday 25th September - Ferrari 250 GTO at the 1967 Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit.
EU GTO.jpg

Monday 2nd October - Ferrari 330 P4 at 1966 Monza Full Course (includes Gt40 and Porsche 908).
Assetto Corsa Racing Club - Ferrari Celebration Month.jpg

Monday 9th October - Ferrari 312/67 at Brands Hatch Grand Prix (Includes Lotus 49).
EU 312 67.jpg

Monday 16th October - Ferrari 312T at Nordschleife (includes Lotus 72D)
EU 312T.jpg

US Racing Club

Thursday 28th September - Ferrari 250 GTO at Monza 1966 (includes Miura)
US GTO.jpg

Thursday 5th October - Ferrari 330 P4 at Road America (with GT40 and 908)

Thursday 12th October - Ferrari 330 P4 at Daytona (with GT40 and 908)
60s LMP at Daytona.jpg

Thursday 19th October - Ferrari 312/67 at 1967 Silverstone (with Lotus Type 49)
US 60s F1.jpg

The Assetto Corsa Ferrari Celebration DLC is available to purchase on Steam now.

Fancy making the most of this excellent DLC, or prefer something a little less Italian? Well worry not my fellow sim racing enthusiast, we have you covered! Here at RaceDepartment we love sim racing, and as such we dedicate literally thousands of man hours per year to bring you the very best league and club racing events in Assetto Corsa. From slow to fast, we have something for you! Check out the Assetto Corsa Racing Club forum to see what we are running now, and get yourself signed up to join us out on track. Trust me, you will love it!

Enjoying the Ferrari Celebration DLC in Assetto Corsa? Fancy joining us online to get the most out of the new cars? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Where's the 288 GTO? I know it has no friends, but damn that car deserves at least one event. :D Also, shove those American tracks to EU club as well, please! I love Brands Hatch, but I think I'm not the only one wondering if we're all stuck in a real life simulation and purposefully subjected to Brands and Nordschleife, especially when we have Longford, historic Spa and others.

Great idea, but it feels a bit less special when we recycle same stuff with a couple of new Ferraris thrown in there. ;)
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