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F1 2017 The Game (Codemasters)

Paul Jeffrey

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Codemasters have created a blinding game in F1 2017, now find out about the 'go to' place for taking the fight out on track online!

RaceDepartment hold many different racing club and league events throughout our website and we are very proud to announce our latest addition to the family - the Formula One 2017 Racing Club!

We will be hosting regular events using Formula One 2017 with a wide variety of the content available in the new Codemasters title. As with all our racing club events you can join in and get the most out of your game, all you need is our Premium Membership, sign up to the event and a commitment to show up, race clean and have yourself some fun on track.

We intend to hold plenty of races in the coming weeks and months and look forward to welcoming plenty of new and old faces alike. Sim racing is great fun, but it's never better than when it's experienced with other like minded individuals.

Check out the Formula One 2017 Racing Club sub forum and get yourself involved in the action. It's going to be awesome....

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