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Skins Lancia STRATOS GT 15th Anniversary skin 1.5

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Such a beautiful little car. I don't see why they don't just bring it out again. With Fiat underpinnings it'd put the MX5 right back on the trailer.
The skin is great, but where is the car? Where can I get it?
I believe this Stratos can be found in Assetto -db .com. The simplest way is just google "assetto corsa lancia stratos" and it popped up as the first hit.

From my little search, there are 3 Stratos out there. This is the 2015 one, then the next one is
AC Cars Reworked's
Version 3.0 - Released 22.07.2020

It appeared that this 2020 version is the improved version. They both have DWB rear suspension, which for me is wrong. The 2015 version came with 3 skins and 2020 5 skins. I prefer the 2020 version with all the tuning setup options there for you to tweak. But the default setup has super stiff rear wheelrate and AWB rate making the car extremely snappy. Once the rear steps out and it is terminal. I redid, i.e. the wheelrate and AWB balance to essentially lower the front grip, reduce the weight transfer away from the rear and now the car can be driven at a touge for fun.

There is another version Gr4 Lancia Stratos HF 24v with Jandrovi edited physics v1.1. It also has DWB rear suspension, thus I dismissed it.

Anyway, I made my little tweak to change to the rear strut suspension.. not necessarily better, but I just think that is the way it should be with the handicap or what.

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