F1 2015 Logitech F310 pad problem

F1 2015 The Game (Codemasters)
Hi all. I have a problem with this pad as the advanced wheel settings are greyed out and I can't change the deadzone and saturation, so accelerating and controlling wheel spin after slow corners is impossible. I see that the pad is not on the supported controllers list for the game but xBox 360 pad is, and my pad works just like xBox 360 pad with it's "X mode" and the game recognizes it just like that, like xBox 360 pad...I was wondering is there some patch or mod that can enable me to change advanced wheel settings?
You can access the controller settings (which are greyed out in game) in this file...

steamapps\common\F1 2015\actionmaps\action_map_preset_win.xml

Open it in a text editor (Notepad++ recommended) and find (Control+F) "xi_Preset1" which is on line 7128 - this section is the profile for the Xbox 360 controller. Adjust away, save it, try it, and repeat if neccessary. Once you're happy with your settings I'd advice you make a copy / backup of this file as it'll probably be overwritten in a future patch.

EDIT: Note that you can only adjust deadzone and saturation, and not sensitivity - so you may not get the results you'd like by adjusting just these values. Personally, I use the 360 controller and have to have traction control set to Medium, which I hate to do but more-or-less have to as corner exits are far too slippery :rolleyes:
I don't know exactly how it all works as I've not looked into it that thoroughly, however I've found if you change anything in game on the original Xbox 360 controller profile then it'll make a custom preset which then has zero deadzone on the right analogue stick which causes camera centralisation problems. I therefore make any changes outside of the game and to the official Xbox 360 controller assignments so as to avoid the custom presets issues.

You can "find" more presets in the .xml, of which pad controller presets consist of...

xi_Preset1 - Xbox 360 controller based
xi_Preset2 - Xbox 360 controller based
directinput_default - don't know why they offer direct input while offering the superior x input?
di_generic_pad - don't know how this differs from default direct input

I don't have a custom preset anymore so my file doesn't show more than the above, but I'm guessing if you have one then it should show somewhere within this file.

Either way you can use whichever preset you like, as long as the assignments and attributes are correct and to your liking.
I found it impossible to find the right settings. I got my thrustmaster universal challenge wheel out of the box and plugged it in, now i can set the advanced wheel settings but I am nowhere near as smooth with the wheel as I am with the controller. Also it appears that the game reacts a little slow compared to my movements of steering wheel, and I miss every corner, lol
Considering I've read loooaaads of reports of controllers not working as they should, and given the fact that the 360 controller provides questionable handling, I'm assuming that there's something very wrong going on here with general controller support, be it wheel or pad based.

I've generally given up playing the game until this all gets patched as I now look at the game as being broken and unfinished, which obviously requires some serious patching. Due to the amount of bugs present in the game, I can't see this being a quick fix so wouldn't be surprised if it'll take Codemasters multiple weeks if not months to get this game up to standard (much like the Batman game).

I've returned to playing my back-catalogue of games within my Steam library while I wait...
Yes, I have also heard that every controller has this issue, not just mine which is "not supported"...also supported ones have the same problem, so the hope remains that this will be resolved with a future patch...This game has so many problems, the only thing that's good is driving physics. I am starting to think it should be better if they go back to standard October release date for the future

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