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RIDE 2 Onboard Flickering Fix 1

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ReZ submitted a new resource:

Onboard Flickering Fix - removes the helmet from helmetcamera to fix flickering onboard.

This mod should help you to remove the annoying flickering that Ride2 produces while riding onboard cam.
It removes the helmet and textures from the helmetcam, so now you have a online compatible onboard cam with horizon tilt as bonus :)

How to install ?
first get Mixfile Remixer
unpack RiderRacing.mix
repack RiderRacing.mix

enjoy :)

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Maybe I did something wrong, but it keeps crashing for me once I load into a race. Could you please explain to me more in detail of how to go about this? Especially about repacking the file. For "root source directory..." I choose the folder I pasted the modded files into, and for "new mixfile path" I select "RiderRacing.mix" in the game directory. Is this correct?

Hm ... check if everything I marked red here is the same on you end.
This is what I do.
I unpack "riderracing.mix" to a folder.I place the provided files in the "riderracing/helmetcam" and replace when asked.I repack the riderracing.mix and place it back into my "characters/rider/" folder.
I need step by step instructions or my game version and updates don't work with this.
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I don't understand how to use Mixfile Remixer.
I can't use this, there are hundreds of files in there.
And i don't know, which i need to replace and so on.
The flickering makes me sick and i can't play this game, because it makes no fun to play.
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