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Sven Hielscher submitted a new resource:

Polo Challenge 2013 - Polo Challenge 2013 for Race07/GTRevo including the Polo GTI from 2009 and 38 Skins

Polo Challenge 2013
Version 1.0 on 02/08/2016 by FuNK!


One car model (VW Polo GTI Cup from 2009) with 38 drivers/skins in total, templates and CarViewer (to preview your custom skins). The package contains all files and two readme-versions (this text version and one html version).

The Car:
The car model is a closely modeled version of the VW Polo GTI Cup from 2009. But because of various issues the physics...

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Just tried the mod and it doesn't load the cars. when i go to track it only loads my car. I've tried chancing the Model ID 4-5 times with no luck.

P.S sorry if i upset you with the rating Sven. didn't mean to. Forgot about the support tag.
You haven't really upset me :roflmao: this would require much more effort! :laugh:

Anyhow, please check the following things. They came to my mind when reading the description of your problem.
  • Do you use a vehicle filter? If yes, disable it.
  • Did you set the AI number to a higher value than 1? If not make sure to set it to 10 at least. Please make sure to not set "private test: on" when going into practice session ;)
  • Did you use standard tracks or did you test more tracks? If not please do test some of the standard tracks too.
  • Do you use various mods? Please move all non-standard cars except the Polo from your installation into a separate folder. This way only the stock content should be loaded.
  • Did you keep the installation folders? The path to the Polo should be similar to this: "SteamApps\common\race 07\GameData\Teams\VW_Polo_Cup"
  • Model ID should be no problem. But maybe the class ID is. So please try point the second point and report what happened. Maybe I need to update the inccar file afterwards :thumbsup:
I'm curious if anything of the aforementioned is the solution. If it's not, I'm sure we will find the solution afterwards :cool:
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