Quick review: TomyRacing TRX Quick Release

Dear fellow sim racers,
since may I am a happy owner of a Sim-Plicity SW8C+, which I am using with a DIY wheel built from a 3DRAP kit.
I attached the wheel to the base via a Chinese D1 spec knock-off, which did the job, but soon began to annoy me with some lateral play.
There was no play on the rotational axis, and in races I could not really feel the play, but I guess you all know that feeling; once you known about an issue you cannot ignore, it starts to bother you.

So I browsed the internet for affordable alternatives (as the Q1R and HRS Xero Play are a bit too far off my price range), and last week I stumbled upon the TomyRacing TRX.

As I could not find any reviews online, I asked the Sim-Plicity Owners Group on Facebook for help, where one member already owned two of those TRXs and recommended them to me.

Fast-forward two days, and the UPS guy rings my doorbell with a small package in his hands.

The first impression was already fantastic. Very well machined materials, beautiful looks and a nice and tight mechanism. I did not put it on a scale, but due to the use of aluminium it is considerably lighter than the chinese QR.
In the evening I mounted the TRX to my wheel, and all I can say is: Rock solid, absolutely no play, perfect!

Here's some pictures (with the old QR as a comparison) attached.
Well, the original post contained some links to the mentioned products, that somehow went with the wind or, more likely, triggered the mods.
However, I guess you guys are smart enough to google Tomas' web shop. ;)
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