RBR Weather Look mod (Fixed fog effects)

comparison screenshot

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I got a hint from KAI'S WEATHER LOOK mod,
Fixed fog effects on all stages of CZ map pack.
(KAI'S WEATHER LOOK mod is include in RBR Mod Collection v2.15)

The fog will now not penetrate the vehicle in the mod stages.

*When using Weather Look mod,
you can not enter the online tournament with using various weather.
If you don't play online tournaments, It does not matter.
(include original tracksettings.ini in zip file.)

*This is for the CZ MAP PACK dated 21 03, 2019.

and include map settings below.
Aragona, Muxarello

1. install CZ map pack
2. install Aragona, Muxarello
3. install Weather Look mod

Have Fun!
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hey is it possible to slap on a weather on a BTB track where it has no weather options? possible to add fog/rain etc etc?
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