rF2 Build 1028 Now Available!

Paul Jeffrey


In preparation for the imminent release of rF2 on the Steam platform, Image Space Incorporated have released another new build of the simulation aimed at bringing a more stable experience, including a large number of fixes and improvements.

Additional to the latest build release ISI have also changed the demo content, this time featuring the Corvette C6.R and Formula Renault 3.5 open wheel racer.

rFactor 2 continues to impress with the recent first and third party content updates as the team ramp up development in anticipation of the very near Steam release. This latest update is now exception and includes many little fixes to annoying issues that should improve the overall usability experience of the sim, not least the long awaited sorting of opponent filters alphabetically... at last!

Build Notes (Update 35, Build 1028):

  • Improved detection of controllers by checking device VID and PIDs if it failed by device name (which could happen in some cases – apparently the names are not always consistent for identical devices).
  • Removed a couple unused PLR variables.
  • Added a new control “Load Vehicles” so you can load the full graphics and sound of temp cars while you are driving down a straight or parked at the side of the road.
  • Re-enabled some gizmos for brake wear and temps.
  • Defaulting camera zoom in and out to number pad 3 and 1, respectively.
  • Now sorting opponent filters alphabetically.
  • Added tire wear info to results file. Also, resume-from-replay now restores general tire wear.
  • Added HDV variable AIBumpstop in order to control some occasional physics instabilities.
  • Pressing Shift with the Increase/Decrease FOV controls will now adjust the seat pitch angle. In turn, that will be stored for the specific vehicle you are using.
  • Practice on by default
  • Removed tree structure from RFM tree scroll box.
  • Moved damage to near the top of the pit menu.
  • Added borderless window mode. This mode only works at current desktop resolution.
  • Added times for sector 1 & 2 from best lap to the plugin scoring data. (Not necessarily the best sector 1 & 2 times, which are already provided.)
  • Added cockpit.ini variable “DebrisIndexInCockpit=” which makes instance DEBRIX visible in cockpit view.
  • Now keeping the last 25 trace files.

  • Added a boundary line between official ISI servers and all others on the multiplayer game list.

  • Scale the instant replay text and progress bar correctly.
  • Fixed loose objects that would fall asleep and become rather solid.
  • Disabled a few lines of code that overrode our intended defaults.
  • Reduced possibility of significant halts when someone joins in multiplayer.
  • Fix for AI’s incorrectly trying to match non-AI driving lines on superspeedways
  • Fix for occasional select box misdrawing at resolutions other than 1920X1080
  • Fix for crash that happens when file defining a virtual vehicle doesn’t get transfered to a multiplayer client.
  • Handled a potential crash caused by replacement vehicle having less tire compounds than the virtual vehicle.
  • Made AIs coming out of the garage at least try to avoid slow cars in the pitlane.
  • Fix for displaying a Race Events components from the RFM selector page, even when it’s package file doesn’t exist.

Modding/Public Dev:
  • SDK updated to latest Options.
  • Recording path should no longer stick the 1st and last waypoint any closer than 80% of the defined waypoint distance.

  • You can (when available) install the dedicated server distribution from Steam as that works for both Steam and non-Steam matchmaker.

Known Issues: rFactor 2 Build 1028 (NON-Steam)
  • On rare occasion, when using “+connect” command via shortcut on server, users may need to retry multiple times when connecting to a password protected server.
  • Launcher Message will display: “Component “Core UI 1.0″ failed to verify, removed from inventory”” In some rare cases this can cause issues with custom UI that also relies on core UI to handle some pages.
  • The rFactor2 Matchmaker list will not count clients that join a server using rFactor 2 Steam edition in the “player” column.
  • “RaceEvents” on workshop are not served by dedicated server. Non-steam clients and clients not subscribed to the workshop item will need to manually install “RaceEvents”.
  • Other known issues still to be found in knownissues.txt
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I'd invest now mate, it will most likely be several years until rF3 makes an appearance, and you'd just be depriving yourself of an amazing driving experience in the mean time.
how far out is rfactor 3? Just wondering if I should bother with investing now or wait until this comes about.

Gap between rF1 beta and rF2 beta was 8 years. Based on that history, rF2 probably has another 4-5 years before rF3 beta will appear.

ISI's real product is the engine and, IMO, they would prefer not to be in the content business. Thus the constant improvement with the engine and likelihood that others will use it to sell content (URD).

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