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Tracks Ronde cévenole Part1 by JCRR 1.0

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jcrr submitted a new resource:

Ronde cévenole Part1 by JCRR - 42km french mountain real race track. (1967 to 1979). "The French Targa Florio"

I share here my old track "Ronde Cévenole".
As the file is big (more than 500mo) I'll make two upload. (Part1 and part2)

You just have to create a new folder in GTL / Locations, called rondecevenole, and put there the files of the two uploads (part1 and part 2).

Warning, I will add in the folder part2 a .hat file to place in UserData / LOG / HAT if the track does not want to load.

For information on this mythical track (the French Targa Florio) You can go to see this very complete...

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Salutations! Je viens de télécharger les 2 fichiers mais je ne vois pas comment les assembler pour le mettre dans Content Manager :-/. Moi qui suit de Montpellier et ayant pas mal roulé en moto, j'aurais bien aimé me faire cette ronde cèvenole... Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider SVP ?
Merci bien ;)

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