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Tracks Spa Francorchamps 1992 1.0

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Very, VERY good track. Surface is great, it's well optimized for FPS, graphics is nice ... But after my first attempt my best time is around 6 seconds, so pls fix timing on first lap of session.
First thank you for doing those conversions and sharing them. it would be very nice to have more boxes to be able to race with AI, this track and some of your previous conversion.
I have to say that I am reading those 5 stars review and I don't understand.
Yes having a conversion of Spa is brilliant, but the road surface is really bad, bumpy like we used to have at the very beginning of the conversions, so I will not give a bad review on the account that the track surface needs a lot of work and there is no AI, but I hope there will an update to bring this conversion to the level of quality that we have gotten used to at this stage.
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