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Welcome to the official support thread of the AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller.
In this thread you would be able to retrieve information about the controller about its functionality, software interfacing and tips for setting up the AASD-15A servos (and compatible servo drives).

The AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller can control the AASD-15A servomotors safely and accurate. The controller ensures a few things when the servomotor is attached to an actuator:

  • Automatic Home calibration on power up or hot plug re-connection
  • Protection from exceeding physical limits of the actuator
  • Optional Platform Health check, to ensure all actuators are active during gaming.
  • Additional hardware Spike Filter to handle crashes in racing without lose details in motion.
  • Smoothing filter for the servomotors to minimize vibration and noise on the actuators.
  • External safety controls like e-stop and force offline switches and buttons.
It will allow to set the following parameters to match your actuators:

  • Adjustable stroke from 10mm to 2500mm
  • Adjustable screw lead Pitch, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm or 25mm advance per revolution
  • Adjustable direction for Inline or Foldback placement of servomotor
  • Optional selection of belt reduction ratios (1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2) for foldback actuators.
  • Also supports rotary actuators with planetary or worm gearboxes.
  • Definition of rotary actuators in angles and optional external limit switch.
Also includes a LCD display to configure parameters of the actuator via a simple to use menu:


It supports 2DOF up to 6DOF platforms (Extra manual wiring for 7DOF is possible also). Its fully compatible with Simtools, FlyPT mover and Ian's BFF 6DOF motion software, as it uses the same data format as all my AMC motion controllers.

Here is link to the Documentation:

This controller was designed to allow conversion of 4DOF platforms from SFX100 to Simtools compatibility. It was build on the already proven AMC1280USB controller but has dedicated servo firmware and DB25 connectors for easy plug and play use.

Just a few thing to consider:
a. The AMC-AASD15A controller has non expiring lifetime license and support. Plus free future updates.
b. It can be used with a variety of motion software that are not likely going to disappear of stop support or adding new titles:
- SRS (SimRacing Studio) Fully integrated support with autodetection and remote configuration of spike filters.
- Simtools (Racing and Flight titles, community created and maintained game plugins)
- FlyPT Mover (FREE motion software with huge library of directly supported game titles, Supports ANY type platform or rig)
- Sim-motion (predefined rig specific)

It can be used with platforms like the following:

Example compatible servomotors (80ST or 90ST):

Also it works with DIY actuators from SFX100

If you are after a 6DOF platform build with rotary actuators, a good cheap combination will be these:
-750W AC Servo Motor Drive Kits NEMA32 80mm, AASD-15A :
-Matching 50:1 planetary gearbox:

or if you need more power use 1000watt:
-80ST-M04025 1000W 4N servo motor 2500rpm - driver AASD-20A
-Matching 50:1 angle planetary gearbox:

If you need something ready assembled, check out the PT-Actuator factory and ask them for the AASD-15A servo compatible actuators that look like this:

It can be used to replace VegaFu motion controller from cheap chinese motion platforms and drive directly the Dorna servos (B1 or M1). Also supports direct connection to Syntron HS servo drives and possibly others (contact me for details).

If you are looking for a place to order the AMC-AASD15A servo motion controller visit the official Thanos motion store:

Or visit the previously used Tindie Makerspace Market for more information:

The AMC-AASD15A servo controller comes fully assembled and programmed and does not include the servomotor or actuator pictured on the photos. You can find STL files to print enclosure for this controller here: AMC-AASD15A servo controller enclosure


Or if you are located to a country that Tindie does not ship you can order a AMC-AASD15A unit from PT-Actuator webpage:


Comparison of the Metal Enclosure from PT-Actuator and the 3D-printed enclosure:

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Here is collection of useful links:

Invitation to my Discord channel:

Link to Github for firmware updates:

Link to my Youtube channel to find and watch all my videos regarding the AMC-AASD15A servo controller, Please Subscribe to get notifications:

Here is a playlist with all videos related to the AMC-AASD15A servo controller: AASD-15A servos:

Here some example of 6DOF platforms that can be made and used with the AMC-AASD15A:

Also this:

Rotating actuators with 50:1 planetary gearboxes:

Rotating actuators with 130-ST motors and large worm gearboxes for flight:
Test flight with Ian's BFF 6dof motion software

Extended explanation video of Mike's 737 level D parts and components

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Hello everybody,

I have been working on a variation of my AMC1280USB controller that can connect to the AASD-15A servos directly, providing compatibility with simtools or other motion software compatible with AMC1280USB. I have been asked repeatedly if this was possible to connect these DIY AASD-15A servo actuators with Simtools for the last months, so I made one, and since I was at it, I added more axis, so now its possible with it to build a nice ultra cheap 6DOF platform with servomotors, or a 4DOF with TL etc.

The new controller board will have DB25 connectors on it for plug and play operation (no need of making wiring etc) and can support up to 7 actuators (7th is auxiliary). Automatic detection system will be in place to recognize if a motor is plugged on power up or removed and plugged in again while in operation and will perform automatically home calibration using hard stop detection.


Anyone that has an AMC1280USB should be able to wire these servos easily using DB25 breakout connectors.

AMC1280USB servomotor connections schematic AASD-15A_small.jpg

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I connected the servomotor to the actuator I have and run some tests on it

And here I tested the change of stroke setting in real time. Notice the servo jumps to higher position to keep up with the larger scale positions. I had to hold down the actuator during this fast tests as with 3000rpm speed the motor tends to spin in place the whole actuator...

More info about the actuators mechanical part here:
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Hi thanos
with sim feedback project ... we have to change some parameters on the servo drives ... will it be necessary to change these parameters with your controller? .. or is it indifferent?
Hi thanos
with sim feedback project ... we have to change some parameters on the servo drives ... will it be necessary to change these parameters with your controller? .. or is it indifferent?

Most parameters on AASD-15A are the same, except a few settings for hard stop detection and for feedback for the servo drive output states... things that are missing from the SFX100...
There will be detailed manual describing everything, servo parameters, AMC controller parameters, examples, diagrams etc... no worries. This will be available in a week or two when I have the prototype board made and tested. Right now I'm testing the whole thing on my older AMC1280USB controller that is using the same microcontroller and pinout, to speed up development.

This older AMC1280USB controller is multifuction controller originally designed for use with DC motor and AC motors with VFD inverters:

The AMC-AASD15A controller will cost less, as its designed for use only with AASD-15A servo drives, and I'm looking for options to mass produce it if there is demand (kickstarter perhaps?) to avoid building them one by one by hand (time consuming for me).

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Definitely interested very cool assuming this would work with the SFX-100 Actuator builds as you posted in that forum.. Look forward to seeing your progress! Keep up the great work!
Definitely interested very cool assuming this would work with the SFX-100 Actuator builds as you posted in that forum.. Look forward to seeing your progress! Keep up the great work!

Yes, the controller should work with any actuator that is driven by AASD-15A servos.
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To follow up on the ground issue, make sure you are using same ground for all equipment.

If your 220v source is using two hot wires (120v phase each) and a Neutral, then you are not grounded. To make things worse there might be huge potential difference between the system ground (electric company Neutral) and the local equipment ground (house ground, metal copper rod buried in ground).

No wonder the monitors or steering wheels or anything else mounted on the metal frame of the simulator cockpit malfunctions...

So which one is better to use?

The most obvious solution is to use System ground and isolate the frame that is charged with 60v potential, from other electrical equipment that is on local equipment ground... if you chose to use a power converter from 110v to have them all have common local ground, you may be facing another interesting side effect. Some whining noise because the Local Neutral is a quarter phase off (gives 60v) and the local live wire gives only 180v relative to local equipment ground!!!

See for yourself the difference:
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