Unified racing?


after participating in my first ever RD club race yesterday i asked myself if there would be an easy way to increase the number of participants, because we all love our big grids, aye?

Let's take yesterday as example:
AC, GT3@Nürburgring: 6 participants
pC, GT3/LMP1/LMP2@Imola: 3 participants signed up (got cancelled?)
GSCE, Stock Car@Phillip Island, 6 participants signed up
R3E, WTCC@Mid Ohio, bit unclear on participants, but 2nd race got cancelled

Sure, that was quite mixed up, but i for myself would have participated in all of them, because i want to race and the sim and class isn't that important to me.

If i'm the only one who is like that, then well, guess we're doomed to pub races or iRacing if we want big grids, but if more people are like me then offering 1-2 daily races with special events on weekends should grant bigger grids? Maybe?

Race 1: GSCE: Formula Reiza @ Montreal
Race 2: R3E WTCC @ Monza

And not spreading it out over 3 sims with quite similar cars?
June, July and August are always the month with significant less activity due to summer holidays. Numbers will pick up greatly again in September when the gaming season starts.

In the meantime we do indeed need to find a way to get the numbers up all round

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