1955 - Nardi Bisiluro

1955 - Nardi Bisiluro 0.2

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CSP 1.76 minimum is required for all the features to work properly






The Nardi Bisiluro was a weird little car that raced at Le Mans in 1955.

It was a collaboration project between the racing driver Dr Mario Damonte, architech-engineer Carlo Mollino and Enrico Nardi.

Carlo Mollino designed the streamlined, asymmetric, Twin-Boom body.
It was built by artisans of CA.MO. Rocco Motto and made of aluminium.

Nardi had the strange task of building a chassis that could fit inside the already built body.

The right side contained the engine, gearbox and differential.
While the left side hosted the driver and the fuel tank.
The whole car only weighted 400kg.

The Bisiluro only raced at Le Mans for 2 hours and had to be retired after a crash.

Rumor says that "It was so light, it was blown away by a passing Jaguar".
Truth is, the drivers complained about the pore weight balance, making the car very hard to drive and resulting in a crash.

More info and history here:

Mod Informations:
First a small disclaimer:
Very few information, photos and data exist for this car.
The blueprints available online are early sketches and completely wrong.
3D modelling was mostly done using low resolution photos upscalled via AI

This is more an interpretation of what the Nardi could have been, more than an exact replica.

We made it fun to drive, while trying to keep some of the quirks.

Aerodynamics and CFD Simulations:
Some sources mentioned the car could have produced downforce thanks to it's middle section in the shape of an inverted airfoil.
Even if our model isn't an exact replica, we decided to run a CFD Simulation as an experiment.

The simulation was done on airshaper.com, an online service that let you upload a 3D game model and run a CFD simulations in a few minutes.

Result is Yes, it does produce downforce: 9.952kg at 150kph and most of it at the front.
Tt is caused by the radiator flaps, added to improve cooling for Le Mans, and also present on our model.

Cd is 0.293 for a frontal area 0.978 M²



Engine damage and Powerloss:
The engine will loose power past 50% of life. Once at 25%, it will start to malfunctions with throttle cuts.

Working gauges:
All the gauges are functional.
When the engine gets damaged, the oil and water temperatures will rise.
A thermal system isn't simulated, but it will give you the possibility to turn off the ugly damage UI of AC and get fully immersed.

A check engine red light will also turn on at 30% engine life.

Weight Distribution:
The layout of the Nardi makes the left-right weight distribution quite ... interesting.

With a full tank of fuel, the car is almost balanced, but with an empty tank the left side is heavier.
It those conditions the car will be easier to turn in the left direction and will tend to go right under heavy braking.

AI Version:
The AI struggled a lot with the un-balanced weight distribution.
We included a version without it for the AI.

Requirements and Recommendations:

CSP 1.76 Minimum
Driver model by Mr.Malarkey:


We recommend to turn off the "soft-lock" in the Content Manager
It's in settings->assetto corsa->controls->force feedback->Miscellaneous

We also recommend using between 94 and 96% of Track Grip


3D modelling, Texturing.
Machina: Model import, Data, Physics, Texturing.
Ben Nash: Gauges Textures.
Pasta: Skins.
Kunos: Sounds and some bump map textures. (Will be replaced)

Special thanks to Ilja Jusupov for adding the new engine damage functions we suggested, and for all the other features of CSP that make this mod more fun to drive.

Hope you enjoy :)

This our first mod and still WIP, we have to completely redo the object nomencalture, improve the textures,...

Speaking of upcoming mods, we are working on a car pack...
It will include the Ford MkII and Ferrari 330P3 from the movie but also Chaparral, Bizzarini and others forgotten cars and 'what if' projects that didn't raced or were only tested.
We started with the Chaparral 2D:
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Latest updates

  1. Update v0.2

    v0.2: Logo updated F6 Cameras updated Suspensions updated: It seems I included an old and...

Latest reviews

Drives fine,looks good.Needs mo powah babeh!
Thank you very much.
Thanks for the great effort , nice, it's like racing a sidecar. Any chance of making more 1955 le mans cars like the Lagonda DP 166 or the Cunningham C-6R? Trying to make the starting grid as complete as possible.
Great mod, such an obscure car too.
Cool to drive, but the AI drives much slower than me. Even with the AI version, I leave all other cars in the dust within half a lap at brands or magione. Is this mod supposed to be raceable?
Merci beaucoup for that incredible car! For me it works very well with CSP 0.1.60
Fantastic to drive!
I love this wonder!
Great job thanks!
Fantastic stuff. I've long said that a kind of "oddities" of Le Mans pack would be a fantastic addition to AC, so many thanks for your work on this one. Refreshing to see someone take a crack at some of the lesser known cars. Looking forward to seeing any future releases.
Fantastic, this is what I want in AC. Old obscure race cars created with care.
Very interesting indeed! It's always a great surprise to discover old and singular race cars like these, I've never heard of it before (and I'm italian... what a shame!).
Quite 'comical' to drive, a fun experience for sure.
v0.2? Well, a nice job already. Thanks!
Lovely jubbly, thanks
Excellent car, very fun to drive!
Excellent car (I had never heard of): great graphics and very fun to drive. Thank you very much for this beautiful gift!
what a splendid ufo ! incredible ! thank you so much !
Great work of art! Beautiful car! Thousand Thanks!!!
The main reason that this car is so slow: the drivers feet don't reach the pedals? (VR user) :-D
Wow, superb work! What a neat, obscure piece of racing history to bring to AC, and what a blast to drive! Can't wait to explore all its quirks over longer runs...
Wow im speechless, what a wonderful job!
super many thanks
Really Nice.

As I always say to all the modders and skiners: I love it when someone takes on the challenge of bringing old cars to the games.

And not only to admire the beauty of the design, but also, for every time you drive one virtually, to be amazed by the courage and love that the pilots of that time had.

Obs: loved the spoiler!!!

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