le mans

  1. Puerk0spin

    Ferrari 360 Modena GT3-R Le Mans 24h 2003 #70 1.0

    This is the livery for the JMB Competition car that raced with David Terrien, Fabio Babini and Fabrizio De Simone on the 2003 edition of Le Mans 24h. The skinbase colours are based on @Sirknight224 Pirelli skins. Enjoy it!!
  2. Jim1986

    2024 WEC #38 Hertz Team Jota_Spa 1.1

    And here is the no.38 Jota Porsche, driven by Jenson Button, Philip Hanson and Oliver Rasmussen. Unfortunatly Jenson Button didnt drive a meter in the Spa 6 hours because the car crashed. Again big thanks to @TheCameraGuy for letting me use his 2023 version as a base! Link to the no.12 Jota...
  3. Jim1986

    2024 WEC #12 Hertz Team Jota_Spa 1.0

    Huge thanks to @TheCameraGuy for letting me use his 2023 Jota skin as the base of this one. It saved me hours, yet it was still some work because i needed to redo all colloured parts because of the already baked in AO. Hope you like it! Link to the no.38 Jota...
  4. Ssayris

    Updated WEC 992 Turbo S Safety Car Livery 1.0

    Updated WEC safety car livery for tg_porsche_911_turbo_s_2021_wec_sf. This is my first ever skin so I hope you like it. Will update skin with 24h variant after Le Mans. Enjoy!
  5. Puerk0spin

    Courage C60 JX Judd Le Mans 24h 2003 #13 1.0

    Skin for the car entered by the team Courage Compétition on the 2003 edition of Le Mans 24h, driven by J.M. Gounon, S. Greoire and J. Cochet. That car classified 9th and finished the race in 7th position. Enjoy it.
  6. Formula24

    Risi Competizione #62 499P - VRC Ferrenzo P49 1.0

    Here is my interpretation of the question "what if Ferrari allowed Risi Competizione to run a privateer 499P in IMSA?". The livery and sponsors are based on the one ran in the 2024 Rolex, with small tweaks to make it fit the 499P better. I have also included a version invisoning the car as a...
  7. Nezuko29

    2024 AF Corse Ferrari Racing Together #80 v1.0

    this is a mashup from both Ferrari #50 and AF Corse #83, i need to do race suits and pit crew Base Liveries from Akrapovic, his rd here : https://www.overtake.gg/members/akrapovic.249886/
  8. Puerk0spin

    TVR T400R Le Mans 24h 2003 #91 & #92 1.0

    Both skins for the TVR 400R that raced in Le Mans 24h 2003 edition. Maybe not perfect but worth the effort. Enjoy it.
  9. Puerk0spin

    Pagani Zonda GR Le Mans 24h 2003 #61 1.0

    Skin made for that 2003 Le Mans 24h entry that not succeed, as ended early with gearbox failure. But also nice, I hope you to enjoy it.
  10. A

    23 Skins Le Mans 1955 Megapack V1

    To make it simplier for future downloads, ive packed all my 1955 skins into 1 mod ! The driver model being used is the 1955 driver model . Here are all the cars needed for the skins : ---------- Mercedes 300 SLR : legion's mercedes w196s found on ACTK Porsche 550, Jaguar D type : Found on this...
  11. DannyDotCom

    HP Vista AF Corse - NART Concept Livery Pack | Ferrari 499P LMH/VRC Ferrenzo P49 1.0

    I'm pretty sure we all have seen the blue Scuderia Ferrari have revealed for the Miami GP and the reaction is as expected, so here I am trying to correct the course, by painting the actual BLUE onto a different Ferrari. :roflmao: Introducing the livery pack of HP Vista AF Corse endurance team...
  12. A

    1955 Le Mans Maserati 300s (450s) Skinpack V1.1

    To add up to the grid, ive made the 2 liveries of the maserati 300s that entered the 24H of 1955, unfortunately none of them finished the race -------- Since the only 300s we had is a really old mod, i decided to make the skins for the 450s instead made by Velos, which you can find the car on...
  13. A

    1955 Le Mans Triumph TR2 ( TR3A ) Skinpack V1

    Another skinpack for the 1955 Le Mans! This time its for the triumph team that entered 3 cars for this edition of Le Mans -------- Since we dont have a TR2 for Assetto as far as i know, these skins were made to work on the Triumph TR3A made by velos's, you can find the car on his website...
  14. A

    1955 Le Mans MG EX. 182 ( MG MGA ) Skinpack V1

    To pad up the 1955 Le Mans grid more, ive made the liveries of all 3 entries of the MG EX. 182 , which were also the team to have Ken Miles do his first Le Mans race ---------- Since we dont have an "EX 182" I decided to use the MG MGA ( Race ) that can be found on Velos's website. It should...
  15. A

    1955 Le Mans | Austin Healey 100s #26 V1

    To continue the grid of the 1955 Le Mans, Ive done the N26 Austin Healey that unfortunately was at the wrong place at the wrong time during the race. ------- As far as i know there is no Austin Healey 100s for Assetto Corsa so this skin is meant to be used with the Austin Healey 100/6 BN of...
  16. A

    1955 Le Mans Mercedes Skinpack V1

    As to add more cars to the 1955 Le mans grid, ive completed the entries from the Mercedes team, which unfortunately were one of many factors that caused the horrible disaster of 55' ----- The skins are meant to be used with legion's Mercedes W196S Which i was able to find on the ACTK. ----- As...
  17. A

    1955 Le Mans Porsche Skinpack V1

    Continuing the 1955 Le Mans skins, i now finished all the porsche entries from the Le Mans 1955, once again the same driver config is inside each skins but its not an necessary add-on to have said driver -------- You can find the porsche on the site itself And the 1955 driver model -------- The...
  18. A

    1955 Le Mans Jaguar Skinpack V1

    This is a skinpack that includes all the jaguar D-Type Entries from the 1955 edition of le mans. Inside each file is a little config that changes the driver's model to the driver 1955 to fit more the era, but its not a necessary add-on. Tried my best at being accurate with the liveries but the...
  19. nottodaysatan

    1960 Le Mans 24 Hours grid preset 1.1

    Continuing the releases of 'as accurate as possible' grid presets of classic long distance races with the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours. A special thanks to Wayne Pearson and Fat Cat123 for their contributions. Download the grid file here https://acstuff.ru/s/IAoqQI Please go to the AC Racing Le...
  20. nottodaysatan

    AC Ace 1960 Le Mans #30 1.0 1.0

    This is the skin for the #30 AC Ace entry in the 1960 Le Mans driven by Andre Wicky (CH) / Georges Gachnang (CH) made by Wayne Pearson of the Assetto Le Mans Project team. We strive to release complete grids and liveries of historic races. Want to learn more or contribute? Go to our website and...

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