1999 Volvo S40 BTCC

1999 Volvo S40 BTCC 0.7.2

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With collaboration from Paul NLC, PM3DM is proud to present you with amazing Volvo S40 BTCC.
This time with detailed cockpit ! Paul has done a really great job on this one, and I'm glad we can finally share it with the rest of you.

Work in progress !!! still quite a lot of things to be improved
Doesn't come with interior glass, which is important for RainFX
Wiper animation missing
Sounds need a bit of rebalancing, to match our other cars bit more closely
Physics is currently based on some evolution of the physics from Primera ( but not the physics that's been released , so it should feel different )

As will be the case on all our cars from now on, CSP will be required to run this, we are using more and more features from CSP, including some physics updates, which means that car will be crashing in vanilla AC ( not sure if Volvo already got some of this though, so you might be lucky for some time)

LODs are not yet made for this car, will come later on

model, texturing, skins by Paul NLC
small tweaks on visuals and CSP features by Patrik Marek
physics by Abbo90 and Ben Lee
sound by AcFan
sound recording by Ben Lee

Every feedback is welcome, especially constructive. We would like to make these cars the best they can be.

paint template here

Latest updates

  1. check yourself before you wreck yourself

    Sorry, it's been a long day, I did update the font, but haven't added the new data.acd, so here...

Latest reviews

5 stars aren’t enough! If the perfect capture of the car wasn’t enough it’s the fact the sound of the 5pot is spot on!! It’s even better with headphones on
thx for sharing and recreating this 3 amazing btcc cars. Love them with the ones VRC did also.
Car is mental. Tries to kill you at every turn. Fun... once you get past the massive workload of keeping it pointed the right direction.
Very well made. One of the best car mods I have drivren. The details (and sound), are nothing but amazing.
...soooo good!
Nice work
Bringing back childhood memories
great mod!
Amazing car. One of my first downloaded mods and definitely one of my favorites.
Brutal sound, beautiful looks.
One of the best AC mods of all time.
Brilliant mod
help pls, installed through CM and all i get is a black screen ( with sound though) . Any ideas ?
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
hmm, not really sure, all other mods work fine ?
Great mod mate, Thanks!!!!
This is my favourite BTCC car ever, as well as my favourite era. Upon buying AC for the first time about a year ago, this was the first car I wanted to find and use. I've spent that year learning all the vanilla tracks, as well as whole host of others I've downloaded. All in this car. It's brilliant, the gearbox whine, the shifting, the feelings it evokes in me of being 12-13 years old and watching this car being ragged around Thuxton and Brands. Such a good mod in more ways than just its form. The memories it brings are wonderful.
Let my dad try this in VR because it was his childhood dream and he says it looks and works perfectly
hi, this mod is awesome thank you
I have one issue when I try to race (practice) the race ends before start
possible fix: analyze the car with CM and found 3 errors, fix the first 2 with CM and problem solves, maybe you can fix this for the next update, thanks again
Screenshotof the problems:
Works flawlessly and together with the Nissan and the BMW makes for kick-ass-racing. Thanks a lot for this.
Awesome car. Thank you!
Top notch as always from the PM3DM team, can't wait for the full release
Absolutely Excellent Mod!! Super fun to drive! super nice model! and sound is super! I am truly looing forward to next update!

Thanks you!

You asked for constructive feedback: 1, like to have more gearbox whine, pretty sure they where running a straight cut gears. with solid mounts. so the gearbox should be making some noise :) 2, windshields... 3, more 5 cylinder roar, I have seen and heard a S40 (STCC) IRL and they almost sound like the UR Quattro.
Patrik Marek
Patrik Marek
Hi Zie,
Thanks for the feedback and i'm glad you are enjoying the car. The interior recording was taken from the 1998 Rydell car that I did in 2017 using a Rode (broadcast standard) high SPL mic and Zoom sound recorder. You can listen to a youtube upload of the recording here. The gearbox whine seems less pronounced on this car than some others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kxza0vfwwQ

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