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2-way Traffic Layout for "LA Canyons" new1

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You have heard of it - the BIG pretty track with many uses. Now for a complete experience I`ve done an additional 2-way traffic layout on the main loop for use in Trackday / Weekend. It wasn`t a daunting workout but a pleasant stroll thru the vast and beautiful LA Canyons.
LAC ai1.jpg

LAC ai2.jpg

Installation: unzip the contents of this ".7z" in your "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\". It only adds one new layout and doesn`t change other parts of the mod.
LAC 1.0 -.jpg

LAC CM.jpg

Tested "good" in LAC 0.81 and for that older version I recommend to download and use this

Tested "good" in
LAC 1.0 even in "Quick Race" mode. For LAC 1.0 I recommend to download and use this

Traffic does obey "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\la_canyons\2way\data\ai_hints.ini" and you may edit it as you wish. Or use some of mine (incl. one that obeys the state law limits) that are packed in "data" and replace the default "ai_hints.ini".
LAC hints.jpg

Overtaking happens almost normally. My goal - to match my cornering skills in any car against any AI at 100 strength. I`m gettin` there ;)

For more dense traffic around you there is this feature:
AI Flood.jpg

And if in clear weather you feel that the colors are too washed out and the screen is torturing your eyes with the strong light - decrease this brightness for better eye comfort:
LAC Sol.jpg

Happy driving!

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Latest reviews

ai spline misssing
For some reason it keeps saying. "AI spline might be missing or broken."
AI seem to go crazy overtaking and randomly drive on opposite lane, not always but it creates big horrible accidents no matter which settings im putting on content manager ive tried every agression/strength combination possible.. Do you have an idea to make that 2 way traffic flaxless without stuck cars around the roads and accidents pls ?

Thank you so much
Great traffic mod! Fully working on first installation.
Thank you for the feedback!
It always says "track not found"
You need to have the track before adding this and you need to add it exactly in the track's folder.
tengo un problema y es que lo coche que e puesto tiene casi la mayoria accidente casi todo el rato no se como solucionarlo por que lo tengo puesto todo como lo tiene usted en la fotos y me sigue dando ese problema por lo demas todo perfecto lo unico que busco es que no me de ese fallo de lo accidentes
If I understood the Google translation you want a restricted AI with no accidents. In that case I recommend reading some of the posts in
and applying the script for clamping the side lines to 1.8 m on both sides of the fast_lane. It is easy and takes no time.
Remember to remove the " ***_lane_payloads.bin" files before loading the new ""
Amazing traffic and worked first try which surprised me!
Glad to hear it is useful. Thanks for the feedback!
Keep getting an error: Either Race parameters are wrong, or track might be broken, containing no starting positions. This may just be a version error. Running latest version of LA canyons and of this addon.
So I'm new to ac and I can't find any vids on how to set this up and I keep receiving this message " race cancelled". Any advice on what I should do???
Welcome to the modding scene! It will work, no worries. Try "Racing Weekend" or if you have Content Manager - use Track day.
So I have the track and the AI is there, but they're all still going 1 way
CSP? AI flood? Try alternating between lanes more. If you don't drive in the wrong lane it will look like 1 way. Do a couple of U-turns to disperse the AI.
It says la-canyons : TRACK NOT FOUND. Is there a fix for this?
I made the layout as add-on for the track. It has to reside inside the track's folder or the message says "TRACK NOT FOUND".
Look into your "AssettoCorsa" game folder, find "..\content\tracks\", find and open "..\content\tracks\la_canyons\" folder and make sure that inside are the files of the LAC track , especially "la_canyons.kn5" since that absence is the cause for the message.

If you downloaded only mine layout, get the whole track and install it so all the necessary files appear in the proper folder "..\content\tracks\la_canyons\".
it is good and all of that, but when i tried launching, it says la-canyons : TRACK NOT FOUND. and i need help.
This is sweet, thank you. One thing, the Fast AI you supply seems to be the same as the original AI Hints supplied with LA Canyons VIP? Would like to have traffic moving along swiftly if poss. Use the 170 AI file instead
Thanks for the feedback!
The "_Fast ai_hints.7z" is supplied so that you can revert to the original if you don't like the other two. If it's the same as the VIP that would be a coincidence.
Perfect! I prefer this to the VIP 2 way. I like the way Ai will over take, much more realistic. Great job.
Well, I'd lie if I say I'm not flattered by this! Thank you very much, mister!
Works like a charm
Cant' seem to get it working as Mine has VIP access required as opposed to the screenshot? Help please.
To help you I need to see a screen of the error. Attach some in "Discussion" and to clear something out - this doesn't require VIP access to work.
works perfect!!!! thank you!!!!
Lucky you! Or maybe it`s no matter of luck and you`ve been reading a lot and troubleshooting the CSP problem of lately... Anyhow, thanks for the grade! Cheers!
Fantastic job, man! Thanks and Congrats.
as of now just a bunch of cars randomly parked all over and some runners but mainly avoiding parked cars
okay what can i do for you today
What a great experience. Thanks so much.

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