2010-12 GP3 Series by .Race9 Modding

2010-12 GP3 Series by .Race9 Modding 1.1

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v1.1: (Dec 15th 2022)
- reworked all extra liveries to fix MipMap issues
- fixed minor graphic issue caused by .tbc
- corrected Támás Pál Kíss' 2012 default livery (now running the full-season livery instead of the R1 livery)
- corrected/updated several .vehs
- corrected given helmet shapes (if known)
- corrected/updated Williamson 2012 helmet
- corrected all .srs to correct given points (championship mode only)
- changed Expansion Pack structure and added more liveries
- changed damage.ini to let front wings break off easier
- added Monza rearwing (affects physics!)
- added driversuits & helmet templates to release file

GP3-10 regular_rw_RD.pngGP3-10 Monza_rw_RD.png

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