2010-12 GP3 Series by .Race9 Modding

2010-12 GP3 Series by .Race9 Modding 1.1

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2010-12 GP3 Series v1.1 by .Race9 Modding ReadMe!.txt


2010-12 GP3 Series v1.1 by .Race9 Modding is NOT a Reiza product!

v1.1, December 15th 2022


Originally scheduled to finalize the development of the mod with the successful release of version 1.0 way back in April 2021, the whole project gained new traction in November 2022 when the mod was finally uploaded to RaceDepartment. It got a much needed overhaul on several sides, especially fixing the issue of the 'sunken' tires for this update. With it also came the chance to see more helmets ingame, which are not included in this version but will be added in future versions.
All of this also led to a way longer development time of the mod then originally intended. But after more then 10 years of work on the mod combined we are happy to release the latest version of the 2010-12 GP3 Series mod. Now onwards to other projects, which will hopefully take less time to release!


- 87 Cars (liveries and 3D files) of 12 Teams from the 2010-2012 GP3 Series seasons
- 53 helmets for almost every driver
- Dallara GP3/10-inspired physics (thanks to Fabiano Machado, 2012 GP3 Series driver, for helping us with the physics!)
- Renault Sport B20F engine sounds
- 2010/12 GP3 Expansion Pack
- driversuit and helmet templates

It does NOT include tracks, nor driver suits and pit crew liveries.


- The AI performances can vary from their real-life performances.
- Please note the mod was originally co-developed for rF1 and F1C, so some parts of this mod might not live up to the AMS standards.
- The Monza rearwing doesn't show up in the showroom for drivers with Arai helmets, however works properly on track. We don't know yet what causes this issue but will hopefully able to find a solution in any upcoming version.


3D: haunetal1990, Daimon (helmets), SiMCO (tyres), F1-S-R (steering wheel)
2D: Carlos12295cf, fisicoF1, Jan-CRG, haunetal1990, lotusmania and danilo78
Mod structure: haunetal1990, fisicoF1
Physics & AI: Carlos12295cf (based on ISI and SiMCO), fisicoF1
Sounds: Felipe Giro
Cams: Oliver Kwoka
AMS features: L0P3X, fisicoF1

- Fabiano Machado, who helped us with the physics
- All the people who helped us at some point (especially on twitter)
- SiMCO for letting us use and modify their F2 tyres
- F1-S-R for letting us use and modify their steering wheel
- .Race9 for giving us the energy and enthusiasm to get this project started
- and so, so many people for massively supporting all work we did over the years!


Just extract the GameData folder into your Automobilista folder.


- Please note that the 'stock' version of this mod aims to give the most realistic impression possible. For easier modes (eg. Traction Control allowed) please check the additional files in the main folder of this archive.
- Please note that the Expansion Pack comes in different versions for AMS and rF, so make sure to use the correct one for your game!


You are not allowed to use any provided work without the official authorization from .Race9 Modding and/or the original creators.
If you are willing to paint some of the missing helmets you are allowed to release the textures you created on your own.


If you have any issues, contact us at our social media:
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