2023 ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring | PACK

2023 ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring | PACK 0.5a

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2023 ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring - GT3

This pack is currently WIP , it will be updated from time to time.

A skin pack for Automobilista 2 with all the 2023 liveries raced at the 24 hours of nurburgring (only for the official cars that the game provides).

#10 & #11 & #24 & #44.png
#24, #101, #102 & #911.png

#89 & #90 & #189 & #182.jpg


Installation using AMS2CM

Currently, AMS2CM by @paoloambrosio represents the gold-standard of AMS2 mod management. The program is very easy to use and extremely helpful in organizing and activating all AMS2 mods.

Either drag-and-drop the 2023 ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring.rar archive (as-is) onto the AMS2CM window, or the file (as-is) into the Automobilista\Mods\Disabled folder, select the file from your list of available mods, and hit "Apply".

Installing Manually

Extract all the contents in the 2023 ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring.rar archive file, copy both the UserData and Vehicles folders into the main Automobilista 2 directory, and overwrite any duplicate files.

To-Do list:

Mercedes AMG GT3 evo:
- Team Bilstein by HRT #4 - #6
- Team GetSpeed #2 - #3
- Schnitzelalm Racing #11 - #10

Porsche 992 GT3-R:
- Lionspeed by Car Collection Motorsport #24
- Huber Motorsport #25
- Falken Motorsports #44
- Dinamic GT #54
- Rutronik Racing #96
- Manthey EMA #911

- ROWE Racing #98 - #99
- Walkenhorst Motorsport #100 - #101 - #102
- BMW Junior Team #72

- GITI Tire Motorsport by WS Racing #82
- Adrenalin Motorsport Team Motec #90

Mercedes AMG GT4:
- Haupt Racing Team #89

Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport:
Huber Racing #180
- Team Mathol Racing e.V. #181
- SRS Team Sorg Rennsport #182
- Private Entry #188
- W&S Motorsport #190

Numberplates are from @formulaHEINE, you can his resource here.

Thank so much! I really hope you enjoy it!

Latest updates

  1. New custom-AI files included for all classes

    v0.5a includes revised custom-AI files for the GT3 Gen2 cars and GT4 cars. All drivers in these...
  2. 9 GT4 Entries added

    This update adds 9 GT4 entries that entered the 2023 Nürburgring 24h with cars currently...
  3. Lionspeed by Car Collection Motorsport #24

    - Lionspeed by Car Collection Motorsport #24 added. - Corrected invisible #10 & #11 glow in...

Latest reviews

i adore this but please make gt4 ones and make ones for other cars like stockcar please.
José Mª
José Mª
Glad you adore it! wich stockcars are you refering to? If I'm not mistaken, there aren't any stockcar racing in the NBR24H.
your work is awesome but i can t download the last one ,chrome tells me that there is a virus !! i know its not true cause i downloaded several times your works ,so i don t know what to do to pass by this advertissement,any idea ? thx and fantastic work !!!
José Mª
José Mª
Hello and thank you so much! I actually don't know, as it's something that might be on RD side. Also, it's quite strange, because we wouldn't be able to upload anything if it had anything malicious.
it s ok but save your skin-power for the upcoming NLS season
José Mª
José Mª
Thanks, but I don't know if by then I'd still be doing skins...
A collection of marvellous skins, especially the Grello is truly a work of art. <3
José Mª
José Mª
Appreciated the kind words, thanks!
of course 5 (+1) Stars. Tickets 24h 2024 still pinned on my desk.
José Mª
José Mª
Thanks man so happy reading that from you! And that's amazing, you will for sure have a great time!
Excellent Mod! Looking forward to the updates

If only the Devs made a Dacia Logan then this pack would be legendary lol.
José Mª
José Mª
Thank you and I'll try to push more! The Logan will be amazing tbh, I'd make the livery 100%.
good work....as always
Thank you!
José Mª
José Mª
Great work! Top quality! Excellent Grello!!! Many thanks!
José Mª
José Mª
Thank you so much and your welcome!

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