2K-5K 1980 -BMW M1 Procar -Team- Dr. Helmut Marko "John Watson"

2K-5K 1980 -BMW M1 Procar -Team- Dr. Helmut Marko "John Watson" 1.0

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!!!Please use this E26 BMW M1 Procar Mod available at GTplanet:

or Direct Link:

I want to publish all the skins (BMW E26 Procar 1979-1980 + Le Mans + IMSA GTO + Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (translated as German Racing Championship) or simply DRM + Trans-Am) completely free from unrealistic skins from other AC sources or Project Cars with wrong colors and dates that float around the net.

Founded in 1972, BMW Motorsport GmbH had already caused an international sensation with the BMW 2002 and the BMW 3.0 CSL. Now these successes should be impressively underpinned with the BMW M1. During a TV appearance at the beginning of 1978, the head of BMW Motorsport GmbH Jochen Neerpasch presented the racing version of the BMW M1 for the first time in the classic colors white, blue and red.

The production of the racing car took place at several locations. The pre-assembled BMW M1s either came directly to BMW Motorsport GmbH or went to Osella in Italy for completion or to Ron Dennis in Great Britain. The installed parts were always selected and provided by the Munich company. The mix of factory-prepared BMW M1s and those from private teams gave the one-make cup an additional appeal.

Production of the BMW M1 ended in 1981 after a total of 46 Procar racing cars had seen the light of day.

Note: Nearly all with thier real custom Tyres, Skins, Helmets, and Suits as real as possible with hundreds of hours of work

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