DRM 1981 BMW M1 Peter Pospieszczyk #78 Stadt Bielefeld "Tiger Art Car"

DRM 1981 BMW M1 Peter Pospieszczyk #78 Stadt Bielefeld "Tiger Art Car" 1.0

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Download latest M1 E26 Version 2.8 from GTP

You can delete the skins that are already included in the Mod from GTP (those are the old skins) , but you don't have to, all new and revised ones will be uploaded here, one after the other, with the correct settings for CSP and model.

I wanted to make nearly all liverys for the BMW M1 E26 Procar / Group 4 / IMSA / DRM / Division 1 / FIA WSC / FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship) / DRM Supersprint / that exist.

Yes, I know that there are already some of mine here, but this was the old mod.

The new mod from DaWallace has been completely revised, and thats it, so I see it as a chance to do everything again, better, more beautiful, more real and accurate.

Unfortunately I don't have any original pictures of Mainz Finthen with the number 78, I had to use models.

comp_MBM BMW M1 Bielefeld 7.jpg
comp_MBM BMW M1 Bielefeld 13.jpg

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Incredible work with these, thank you.
I love real car-skins and that you give the pictures of the real cars thanks!

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