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7 Additional Tracks 1.1

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*Please read the description before asking questions*
Due to file size limitations, I have to do this in 2 parts.
You *MUST* install my 5 additional tracks mod BEFORE installing this one.

Compatible database mod by Martin Larsen (overwrites this):

Important: For Istanbul and Valencia only, before you race you must go into settings and then difficulty and then under simulation options change rules and flag setting to "corner cutting only" or else you will get black flagged for no reason out on track. Time trial may be problematic at the spawn as well.

3.Copy the folders into your game directory and replace files when prompted.

-These are the ctf files for each track that you need for your car to work properly.

characters (not necessary)
-Made the Codemasters helmet usable as gen_01

-Did not corrupt my save game so it shouldn't for you.
-Enabled the tracks
-Changed the tyre compounds for usa,abu dhabi and brazil to match the F1 website.
-Changed Williams from Renault engine to Mercedes
-Williams is now tier 1 and Ferrari is tier 2

-Added Williams frontend update mod from Lesley Buurlage
-Added all required car monitors
-Additional graphics for the added tracks

-English only updated language file to support added tracks and Williams frontend update.

-Added Korea, India, Nurburgring, Brands Hatch and Jerez in ciruits folder.
-Added Istanbul and Valencia in tracks folder *do not move*.
-Added difficulties for Istanbul and Valencia only. Didn't change anything else.

-I didn't copy anything from ai driver's mod
-I'd recommend installing the more natural lighting mod to go with this.
-These tracks were only optimized for Grand Prix and Time Trial
-You CAN use this mod in videos and stuff without asking permission. I don't care.
-This mod does not replace any other tracks, simply adds on.
-My aim of this mod is to primarily add more tracks to the game and make them playable by my own standards. The ai might not be perfect but I'm not claiming them to be. If anyone gives me specific instructions on how to fix anything i'm willing to do it.

Latest updates

  1. 7 Additional Tracks version 1.1

    Changed "Williams Racing" to "Williams Martini Racing". The only file that has changed since...

Latest reviews

Broke my game, won't start, don't know hot to fix and now I can't play my favourite game. This is a complete scam! :C
The 5 Tracks from Part 1 work fine. But then I will the 2 Tracks play from Part 2 "Valencia" and "Turkie" then load the 2 Tracks soooooo load and load and load. Yes the loading of the 2 Tracks end not. Please fix this Problem of the 2 Tracks. So can we not Play this 2 cool tracks.
all the other tracks work well except turkey and valencia which everytime i load in to try and play it just says loading for ages, i think the reason behind that is something wrong with the database file because i put the others on and the game worked fine but when i loaded the database one thats when it happened.
i keep getting kicked out of a connection when playing on Lan... please help
"I'd recommend installing the more natural lighting mod to go with this." does the 'more natural lightning mod' need to be installed before this mod, or after this mod? Or should it work either way?
Can you do Baku City Circuit?
Turkey = black flag or DSQ, My assist is off.
Matt Drummond
read the description!
Thank you!
Awesome, except I kept getting disqualified (black flagged) and I can't jump out of the box in Istanbul
Matt Drummond
read the description!
Brilliant! :) But does it work with the F1 2015 mod?
That nurnburgring is the green hell?
Nice,but Turkey and Valencia tracks says that I'm driving in wrond direction and i got black flag xD
Matt Drummond
yeah if you read the description, you have to change your flag rules first in settings
Its awesome! Can you add Imola and Estoril?
Matt Drummond
I almost got them to work but I was missing an important file. However a modder named ai driver got them to work and is working on a way to post them
Awesome. Thanks you for this mod ;)
Awesome! But the language file leaves Williams as Williams Racing in the front end and not Williams Martini Racing, can this be rectified?
Matt Drummond
Thanks for pointing that out. I will post the correction as version 1.1.
Best Mod of all time
Does this replace Tracks or adds Tracks?
Matt Drummond
Adds Tracks!
Hey nice mod. Thanks for the hardwork. Only one question, why the asphalt on turkey and valencia its so dark? is there someway to make it lighter.? thanks in advance.
Matt Drummond
thanks for the review! there is no way to make it lighter sorry. It is because it is from the older games which rendered differently etc.
Free DLC! :D :D :D

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