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5 Additional Tracks 2.0

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--> Also check out my "7 Additional tracks" mod! <--

Steps to install:
1. Backup
2. Unzip
3. Go to F1 2014 game directory and copy the folders to there
4. Enjoy

Added tracks: Jerez, Brands Hatch, Korea, India, Nurburgring for Quick Race and Time Trial.
-Does not replace other tracks, simply adds to the game.
-The new database did not corrupt my save profile.
-If there are glitches, post in the comments.
-I may be able to add Valencia and/or Istanbul if I can get it to work.
Brands Hatch Menu.png
Brands Hatch.png
India Menu.png
Jerez Menu.png
Korea Menu.png
Menu Nurburgring.png

Latest updates

  1. 4 More Tracks

    Added: Jerez, Brands Hatch, India, and Korea *Nurburgring was already there. Note: This mod does...

Latest reviews

Game now no longer loads at all when I installed the mod.
Thanks Dude,working perfect
I just tested these tracks in time trial mode, and all work fine for me. Also with the 'braking line assist, corners only'. Also they do put you driving on the track for setting a time. Just great work, lovely detail. Think I enjoyed Brand Hatch the most for now. The only 'glitch' I could find is the purple flickering texures in the pit box, but well I can look passed that ;-).
does assist work? like brake or racing line
sry for my english...
I love this mod but... what about Imola?
Is it possible to add these tracks to the career
When its loading it crashes,please answer why?
Matt Drummond
Any mod may crash when you either have other mods that interfere with the one you want, or you did not copy all the files of the mod to your directory
Fantastic. Where is DRS on Jerez?
Matt Drummond
there is no DRS on Jerez because that track was initially part of the classic game mode in F1 2013 where the 1988 cars had no DRS
Excellent! I've got one problem: All tracks (without Nurburgring) have a name like "NAME_TRACK_LONG_JEREZ" or something like that.
Matt Drummond
You didnt copy the language file over to your game directory. It has a file extension .lng
I like this mod, Do I have the right to make a video with this mod? please ^^
Matt Drummond
of course, just include appropriate credits and a link to this mod
Nice mod !
Thank you very much.
YEAH... can now drive at Nurburgring, all tracks working fine and a BIG THANKS to you Matt.
Excellent . Congratulations
Hello you could not move the cameras mode coop offline split screen Same as f1 2012? Congratulations On the mod .
Matt Drummond
Sorry I do not understand what you are asking me. Cameras aren't part of this mod as I only aim to concern myself with adding tracks.
Could do in the Brazilian Portuguese language?
Matt Drummond
This mod will only be for the english version. Sorry
Awesome mod, but it conflicts with the Williams Frontend update. Any chance they can be merged?
Great job! It works well in both career mode and Grand Prix mode. Would like to see you add Valencia and Istanbul as well.
Amazing! Could you add also Istanbul?

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