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A7-Assist - Gamepad FX 1.0.1

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Akey7's Steering-Assist​


Thanks to Content Manager's new Gamepad FX.
I have been waiting for this moment.

What is it?​

Simply put, it allows the gamepad to behave much like a steering wheel controller.

Gamepad FX allows for customization of gamepad behavior through scripting.
I first tried a sample script, but it didn't have enough steering speed and would sometimes apply more counter-steer than necessary.

I had been thinking about the concept of steer assist for some time, so I put together a script to improve on the sample script.

How does it work?​

Cars have a phenomenon called "self-steer," in which the steering wheel turns by itself.
The front wheels of a car are designed to face in the direction of travel, so for example, when the car is moving forward, the front wheels are facing forward, and when it skids, they are facing sideways.
This allows the car to move forward in a stable manner even if it skids.

Assetto Corsa reproduces this "self-steer" with a steering wheel controller with force feedback.
However, gamepads do not have FFB. Nevertheless, in conventional gamepad operation, stick input is interpreted as angle.
When the stick is pushed to its limit, the steering wheel also turns to its limit, and when the hand is released, the stick returns to the center by spring force, so the steering wheel direction also returns to the front.
This would not work well if the steering wheel was turned too far and the front wheels slid, or if the body skidded, the front wheels would get caught.

In this script, the stick input, which was previously interpreted as angle, is now treated as the strength of the steering wheel turning force.
This way It can simulate self-steer based on the FFB information and thus reproduce realistic movement of the steering wheel.

Why use a gamepad?​

Because I don't have the money. lol
I bought a used "GT FORCE" for 2000 JPY. Does anyone know about it?
It was sold as "WingMan Formula Force GP" for PC.
It's from the PS2 era, but it works fine on Windows 10.
To be honest, it is more comfortable to play with Gamepad FX than to use such a steering wheel controller. My arm doesn't get tired either. :3

I'm only half joking, but the main reason is that I don't have enough space in my room to set up a cockpit. Japanese houses are smaller than those in other countries.


  1. Move folder into:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\lua\joypad-assist

  2. Navigate to Settings > Custom Shaders Patch > Gamepad FX, and select the new script.

  3. Set controller settings to:

    Speed Sensitivity: 100% 0%*
    (Steering Speed: 100%)
    Steering Gamma: 100%
    (Steering Filter: 0%)
    Steering Deadzone: 0%

    *For a long time, the description error was left untouched. I'm sorry!!

    Note: Stick and trigger deadzones and gamma can be adjusted by editing the "assist.lua" file. The default stick dead zone is set to 10%. You might want to change it according to your controller.

  4. Steering Speed and Steering Filter can be adjusted to your preference.

    Example: Geraint's Settings
    Steering Speed: 1%
    Steering Filter: 75%

  5. Enjoy!

Useful options​

A7-Assist comes with useful options as well as stick movement changes.
Each option can be enabled or disabled by editing the "assist.lua" file.

  • Stop Auto Clutch
    Automatically steps on the clutch when the car comes to a stop.
    It is similar to the centrifugal clutch of a motorized vehicle.
    The clutch is fully engaged at 3000 rpm. It may not be compatible with some cars, so if you encounter any problems, please set the value to "false".

  • Handbrake-Clutch Link
    Just like in most car games, you can operate the clutch and handbrake at the same time by pressing a single button.
    Want to operate them separately? You can do so by changing the value to "false".

  • Vibration Slip
    Think the standard vibration effects are a bit too shaky?
    Many people disable it because it makes their hands numb.
    Good news for you. You can now only vibrate when the front wheel slips!
    If you want to disable the vibration effect completely, or if you prefer the standard vibration effect, you can change the value to 0.

About Geraint's Settings version​

As an example of modification, I have included a script that makes the behavior similar to Geraint's Gamepad FX. This version is more suited for grip driving. Some options are disabled, but can be enabled by editing the script.
Console-like Controller - GamepadFX

Frequently Asked Questions​

  • I can't see Gamepad FX!

    Update your Custom Shaders Patch in Content Manager.
    I am using v0.1.77
    PS: I recently updated to v0.1.79 and it seems to work fine!

  • Does this work for drifting?

    Of course! I'm trying to handle a wide range of cars from F1 cars to drift cars.

Known Issues​

  • The steering wheel becomes ineffective when braking.
    In the current version, to prevent the front wheels from slipping when the steering wheel is turned too far, a process is put in place to loosen the force to turn the steering wheel depending on the amount of slip of the front wheels. If the front wheel slips too much, such as when the front wheel locks up on the brakes, it will not be possible to turn the steering wheel. An improved version is currently being produced.

  • Automatic counter-steering is too strong.
    If the FFB effect is made stronger, the steering wheel is taken away for the aforementioned reason, and if it is made weaker, counter-steering could not be achieved in time. The current version adds an effect similar to the gyro sensor used in 2WD drift RC to achieve a more stable ride.
    This behavior is strictly different from that of a steering wheel controller, so a different method will be used in v2.x.


At first I posted the Google Drive link on Twitter, but I wanted more people to use it, so I posted it here as well.
You can download past versions from Google Drive.
Download Link

This is my first post so I honestly don't know how to use it.
Am I posting it correctly?

I'm using a translation so some of the grammar may be wrong.

Latest updates

  1. v1.0.1 - A7-Assist is now on RaceDepartment!

    At first I posted the Google Drive link on Twitter, but I wanted more people to use it, so I...

Latest reviews

Just want to say that the mod does not work when the General Patch Settings are disabled, don't ask me why
I put it in the right folder but its not showing up under scripts in gamepad fx. What are you guys doing different?
thank you for this mode it's nice to play with but while doing my LFM race I had the impression that I had much less traction than the other pilots perhaps add several options for traction assistance
that's a game changer, the only thing that abs kinda doesn't work
Works really quite well. No complaints.

Thanks to your script Assetto Corsa is now the best racing game you can play on a controller.
Cannot find it in scripts.. I put it in the right area but cant find it
I've been looking for something like this for ages, and I guess it's great for drifting, but when you race and weave between cars at high speeds the counterstreer gets unbearable and makes the car bounce from side to side, leading to you crashing. If the countersteer could be toned down and adjusted for high speed no hesi racing, it would be perfect.
Easily the best gamepad script I've used for assetto.

~for those saying it doesn't work for csp 1.8 it does just make sure you take one of the 2 sub folders and put that into your gamepad fx folder not the master folder
Essential mod for controller players but I think it's having some conflicts with the recent CSP update(s)
I really like this mod, but it doesn't work properly on csp1.80.
Hey. First of all, thanks for your works! Secondly, is it possible to use the slip vibration / rumble fx only? If yes, how do I edit the script? I'm getting used with default (gamepad fx inactive) but love the feeling of the vibration fx.
finally found a best controller setup for this game, thanks for you hard work!!!
Best mod for controller drifting!
A terrible helper, I killed all my nerves because of him. It is impossible to set up a gampad, the car constantly turns from side to side. I spent five hours because of this slag (p.s. the gampad was configured both in the game and in the content manager)
Best setup!
i have a one question can i decrease the FFB effect i mean i play on keyboard using this script so i have to spam the A & D key alot so at which line of code i can decrease the self centering of the tyres :)

Thanks for the script
I have a full sim rig but every once in a while I'd rather just sit back and play on controller. BeamNG and Car X both have very friendly assisted steering on controller but AC? Not until I found this script!

I use a xBox one controller and it took me no more than 10 laps to be able to throw backies like I would in the rig.

10/10 I am throwing mad angle and getting door to door tandems in BDSL BDC cars. What a fantastic download.

Please keep doing whatcha do!
Just got the game and stumbled on this script. Its simply awesome what I always wanted a controller to do in driving sim games. Someone needs to make this for ETS/ATS.
I'v been looking for this
Such a awesome script! this is a game changer for me. i also like to sit and chill in my couch and play not have a wheel and the whole setup. I donated money to this guy. and everyone should. Such a great script.

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