ACC 3D-Template Ford Mustang_GT3

ACC 3D-Template Ford Mustang_GT3 1.00

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Works Great ! Thanks !
For those who didn't figure out already, this a 3D file. You can easily import it in Blender, edit mode, select all, "p" to separate, chose "By Material". Boom ! You have a single mesh per material and you can paint on the boywork. You can get rid of the armature as well.

Thanks again for sharing !
Cocasso Design
Cocasso Design
You're welcome ;) Thank's a lot!!!!
You got .gltf and a .bin file lol... What we need is .obj and the wireframe .png xD Have all other cars in those... Picture: and "Great mentality" ?? People have the tools and know how to work with them. Great mentality to try to force them to get new Software and learn how to paint again ? Yea, great... Whats the problem to choose the etablished file format ?
Cocasso Design
Cocasso Design
LOL!! when I took the mustang out, (
I received around ten PMs because people couldn't find the 3D files, I didn't want to respond to everyone separately, so I created this post so that everyone had access to it. with the files that I had, and that I myself had requested from a member of the race department. Considering the number of downloads I think it was useful. It's easy to come now 15 days after the war and once all the files are found...once again. always nice to share and see people yelling because it doesn't work for them."beautiful mentality"
armorpaint cant open it aswell tho =/
Cocasso Design
Cocasso Design
Very sorry about that!
it works with adobe substance, i use it
Sorry but cannot open with PS, is there any chance you can share like .OBJ file please?
Cocasso Design
Cocasso Design
WOW!!!!!! it's not for PS!!! but for 3D software... so if it doesn't work for you, it's worth one star!! great mentality!! and do you allow yourself to ask for something else in addition? LOL

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