Algarve International Circuit

Algarve International Circuit 2.7

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Original Creator :
Nuno Ferraz

Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima (Version 2.0 was reconverted from scratch)

Portimao Circuit, is a 4.692 km (2.915 mi) race circuit located in Portimão, Portugal. With a total cost of €195 million (approximately $250 million), the project includes a karting track, technology park, five-star hotel, sports complex and apartments.

The track includes :
-Four sets fo cameras
-Thirty grid/Pit boxes
-Fuctional ai line
-Physical mesh

Personal message:
So since i was out of track and conversions for a year , with portimao 2.0 i decided to improve the quall in everything and try to make a track that people can enjoy , and not just one more track ,i hope you guys like it and enjoy it .

Thanks to Nuno Ferraz for His permition :)

Special Thanks :
-All the friends that helped with testing
-All The ideas from people around the forums
-Norbs for the cameras

Thanks For All comments


Latest updates

  1. Grass fx rain fx

    -Grass fx -Rain fx
  2. General bug fixes

    -Performance improvements -bug fixes related to name of some objects -Fixed some object surface...
  3. Update 2.5

    -Added physical mesh -New tarmac texture -New grass texture -New sand texture -New...

Latest reviews

thanks verry good
Excellent track, just one kinda big issue. Due to the AI line, in turn 1 (mostly, some other corners too sometimes) when the AI are fighting, the car on the inside jumps on the sausage kerb, gets catapulted into the gravel and stays there, confused, until it retires. I was hoping this could be fixed, as it causes many DNF's in AI races.

In every other aspect, great work!
Excellent work, like always. Thanks
Excelente trabalho como sempre, imersão incrível.
Although DRS is confusing, the track mod is five stars, thank you.
merci beaucoup pour les heures de travails abattu
The track overall is a 5 Star, only thing less good is elevation changes and thats a big part of this circuit, that is why I'm giving 4Stars and in hope to see it perfected.
-turn 7 is not on a deep, IRL from 6 to 7 is practically flat;
-the uphill to 13 dont have that hump in the middle off the hill
so in real life its easier to see the apex and to do the turn;
-exiting 14 the ground levels straigth and in the entrance of 15 there is a big downhill, so much so that you can't see the rest of the turn, you just point the car/Bike and dive in blind! (amazing feeling IRL)

*(last weekend I realized my dream and did a trackday on this track (yamaha R6) and I was feeling like I already knew the circuit so Thanks for the almost perfect creation!! ).
Excelente trabalho. I have raced both with Caterham and Formula Ford there and my feeling is that the last corner has a much bigger drop that unbalances the cars. Also the "houses" where the stewards stay are excellent reference points are missing. Keep the good work!
Falta a iluminação noturna. De resto esta muito bem feito.
loving it!!! and thank for not putting in a card board cut out crowd in the stands. the fake crowd takes away from the realism.
Thank you
Thank you very much.
Looks lovely but if trying to do a trackday on it using content manager the ai cars can't leave the pitlane on my install which is a shame.
Here you can find my "ai" which is less aggressive in the first corner.
great work thank you
Hate that I am leaving a bad review for this track but there's a serious issue with a hidden wall/barrier that is somewhere near the pit exit as your heading downhill into turn 1. Because of it, the track is unplayable for offline championships (which is all I do) because I will either hit it or the AI will ruining the race. Very sad. Hopefully someday it gets updated... Might be worth downloading for that? Otherwise, you'll just want to avoid this one.
the track is nice but there is a deadly invisible bump or wall at pit exit. 1st lap is usually quite interesting
Great track, not absolutely perfect because there have been many track modding developments since the time it was made (2014!) and updated (2016). It can look even better if you go for the vao-patch, and you can easily find a better ai line here on race department, so none of this should take a start out of this great effort to enrich our racing experience. 5 stars for me.
It's an absolute wonder! thank you so much
Here you can see how I enjoyed it!

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