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BigShifter 1.2.3

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Latest updates

  1. Fix for leds blinking red

    Preface: on some installations of assetto corsa the max rpm value is not read correctly from...
  2. Hotfix for AC 1.3 compatibility

    Not tested much, please report issues... should work on 32 and 64 bit modes...
  3. Just a small cosmetic update

    Removed leading zeros in the speedometer

Latest reviews

Great app. Makes having to use phone for LEDs uneccesary. But like others have said, please make the LEDs resizeable. I know it's "BigShifter", but it's a little too big. At least on my 1280x720 TV.

If anyone finds the yellow flashing between shifts annoying as hell as I did, open flash_5-8-14.png in a photo editor, select all, delete and save.

No more irritating yellow flash.
The speedometer is great. I wish the rev lights were much smaller but still a great app that I use every time.
Thanks for great work!
That's the one I'm looking for!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
Awesome app!Very useful!But the speedo is a bit small and the gear LEDs are too big on my screen,can you make a smaller LED version(I think size_y= 60 would be perfect) of the app? Thx!
I'm currently working on a new app, maybe in the future...
Awesome! Keep up the good work!
Excellent idea!
Very flexible app, well done, thank you!
Nice app but, for me should be smaller in terms of size, not for how much leds it has, when you'll finish it should be nice I guess, or maybe you can add more sizes to choose from.
I'm working on a 5-8-14 leds, and some improvements
I'm glad for the smaller option, because as it is in the video, I find it just too distracting.

Also, can someone tell me what track this is?

The track is Arese, the dismissed test track of Alfa Romeo in northern italy, you can find it here on RD
yeah! would be nice to have smaller option but I see you're working on that! Good job!
great job...the best mod for assetto corsa! Please just a litlle smaller...Congratulations!
working on it... it will be selectable 5 leds or 14 on the fly...
That's a mooonster app mate :D thank u
Awsome thanks looks quite nice :)

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