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PDash 1.5.4

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Pdash is a higly customizable dash, based on skins, each dash can have a number of modules like rpm, speed, various laptimes and tyres info, etc.

Each dash goes to a different window.

The layout of modules, position, size, appearance can be specified in the skin.

More modules will come (tyres pressure,tyres dirt,position,time from car in front,time from car behind,session time left,number of laps remaining)

I have included the .psd files I used to help you develop your skins. Skins can be uploaded here on racedepartments and if they are good and you agree, I will add in future releases...

Specify windows and skins in the cfg\master_config.ini

At the moment if you want different layouts for qualify and race you have to duplicate the skin, rename it and change what you want, then you will have two apps and you must switch one or the other using the right assetto corsa bar...

Latest updates

  1. New config params and fix to pin icon location

    Minor fix to the location of pin off icon and added configurable number of dashes for delta info...
  2. Fix for leds blinking red

    Preface: on some installations of assetto corsa the max rpm value is not read correctly from...
  3. Hotfix for AC 1.3 compatibility

    Not much testing done, please report issues... on my pc works both in 32 and 64 bit mode...

Latest reviews

Even when I tried following a tutorial to install the mod and even mods that were using PDash, I still couldn't get it to work, and it make my game drop heavy frames, and even caused my apps to disappear.
doesnt show up in game at all but shows up in content manager and the default launcher. I've put it in all the apps folders and the mods folder but doesn't work in game at all and none of the skins do either
Great potential to anything you can imagine!
Needs a lot of potential optimization and additions to complete it.
Nice! It works flawlessly.
Please if you can make some app like, available in some cars like c7R, 911 rsr on the dashboard to indicate when tires are slipping if possible when brake lockups too. very simply one or two color[tyre slipping blue, if brake lock up available like red] some with few led lights for all cars in ac. Very much appreciated. Thank you
Thanks!! The Forza one is really nice
Very nice, I always want to use it.
I want to halve the size and characters, what should I do?
Brilliant little addition to AC. Perfect for F1 and GT3 cars when you want to turn off in car steering wheel and hands.

All the vital info is there.
Really good app, thanks!
Just what I needed, works great for things like formula cars since I prefer to play with the wheel hidden. Thanks!
This is great any plans to do one for rFactor 2 that works in VR could really do with something like this
nice one! thanks!
Absolutely awesome. Replaces all other hud elements in one display. Looks superb and is easy to mod. Only thing missing for me is increases the delta timer accuraccy by one decimal and also add a gap indicator to car front and behind in race session (and perhaps in other sessions too!)
This is exactly the kind of thing that drains hours of my life when I don't feel like racing. I've already created two HUDs with this thing... it's fast and easy. Great job.
Gracias. Aún no lo he usado . Le doy 5 estrellas por el tiempo que ha utilizado (algo que nunca podra recuperar) y ofrece gratuitamente.
thank you!
Thank you, it is a very good application
Thank you
Excellent app!

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