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DRSSound Fix 3.0

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DRSSound is a mod for Assetto Corsa by sffraser uploaded in 2018. Since then, the mod stopped working on newer versions of AC and on non-windows machines, with no fix coming from the original author.

Having some mediocre Python knowledge, I came up with a fix that should solve most issues.

Wait so what does this mod do in the first place?
(taken from original post)
This app will give you an audio cue for when the DRS is available, as well as a sound for the DRS flap opening. The same system is in the F1 games, and I wanted to bring it over to Assetto Corsa.

Having an audio cue is much more accurate than guessing when you cross the line, and easier than keeping an eye for a visual cue (extremely helpful for colorblind users, since the enabled/disabled colors can be too similar).


  • What? A volume slider??
    • That's right, for the price of one update, you get not one, not two, but THREE volume sliders! One for each sound and one master volume.
    • They're accessible from the Content Manager app settings
    • Going past 100% volume is not recommended due to possible clipping and hearing loss, but the option is there if you want to.
  • Changed both available and activation sounds
    • Available beep is the same, but made to resemble the F1 games' DRS beep
    • Activation sound is taken from RaceRoom, making it sound like a DRS mechanism
    • Both sounds have been made much louder as per the request of many
    • Old activation sound is still available in the files which brings me to-
  • Added the option to easily switch to a custom sound
    • Within the same Content Manager app settings as the volume sliders, you can set your own custom beep and activation sounds, whether you want the old sounds back or want something completely different.
    • New sounds MUST be format .wav
  • Fixed conflict with Brake Trainer (thanks @diez1978 for letting me know! : D)
  • Fixed bug where Python couldn't find module winsound
  • Fixed bug where app wouldn't work on non-Windows machines [!UNTESTED!]
  • Lowered volume of both DRS available and DRS open sounds
  • With Content Manager
    • Drag .zip into CM
    • click the dropdown menu (three green lines) and click install
    • Go to SETTINGS/ASSETTO CORSA/APPS and enable Python Apps (if you haven't already) and the DRSSound mod itself
    • This mod doesn't have any UI, so it's enabled automagically upon startup
    • (optional) if you want to change the sounds to your own custom sounds, paste the files into the app's folder and rename them. Files must be .wav format!
  • Without Content Manager
    • Open the .zip file
    • extract the apps folder into your game's directory (assettocorsa)
    • Go to Settings/General/UI Modules and enable DRSSound
    • This mod doesn't have any UI, so it's enabled automagically upon startup
    • (optional) if you want to change the sounds to your own custom sounds, paste the files into the app's folder and rename them. Files must be .wav format!
What did I actually change? [nerd stuff]
The original mod used the default Python module winsound, which comes preinstalled with Python. For reasons unbeknownst to me, AC doesn't want to load it, plus there's the obvious problem of module straight up not working for non-Windows users even if it did work.

What I did instead is use the playsound library, which not only works natively on OS-X and Linux, but can also be neatly packaged with the mod itself.

I did not make this mod!!
What I did was fix it for modern versions of AC, as well as Linux and Mac users. All other credit goes to sffraser!

Latest updates

  1. version 3.0: Holy **** it's a volume slider!

    Hi, after a while of mostly procrastinating, I added a volume slider, as well as done some other...
  2. version 2.1: Brake Trainer Fix

    Changelog: Fixed conflict with Brake Trainer (thanks @diez1978 for letting me know! : D)

Latest reviews

Hi, many users have reported a stutter issue when the sound is played by the script and that is because the game has to wait until the playback is finished and it delays the game process by around 15ms, resulting in mini stutters. To address this issue, I have reduced the runtime to 0.5ms by running the function which plays the sound using a different thread.

def threaded_sound(sound_path):
thread = threading.Thread(target=playsound, args=(sound_path,), daemon=True)

Just call the following function to play a sound, instead of the playsound function itself.
threaded_sound(available_temp_path or enabled_temp_path)

I hope it helped :)
FPS drop when enable or disable DRS. Very annoying
Thanks for this it does work accurately however, as others have mentioned and I also can reproduce, there is a FPS drop to the point where it is unusable
OK, I have only one problem. When I enable or disable DRS, I have a mini stutter. Is there any way to fix this?
Good, works as indented. My only issue is that I've noticed when I cross a DRS line, any DRS line, especially at speed, there is a brief FPS drop as the noise plays. I don't know why, but it's off putting enough for me to unfortunately make do without it. I run a 3080ti and i9, it isn't anything to do with my system. I don't know what the exact cause is, if anyone else experiences it too.
It's really useful!

For those that can't get it working, try manualy pasting it to de assetto directory. For me that was the problem
Hello, didn't work for me... unfortunately. Any fix?
A great Idea and most helpful. However I have noticed that at least on my system I7 and 1660ti when I run it and coming across DRS zone the beep causes a frame stutter and then when I engage it another stutter. I tried for a couple hours to get it to work w/o stutters but had no success. hmmm...? Thx for your efforts though.
Don't work for me...
i have this issue

Python app "DRSSound" raised an error durring loading

Traceback ( most recent call last)
File"apps/python/DRSSound/DRSSound.py",line 50, in acMain
Very good and useful beep when entering drs zones however when I try to disable the sound of the mechanism in content manager it also disables the beep and I can't find a way of fixing
Hi, thanks for notifying me, I can try fixing that issue. For now as a workaround, I recommend making a silence sound in Audacity then replacing the activation sound with it.
So simple and so effective. No need to have an app cluttering the screen when this does the job perfectly.

Next request:
A confirmation beep for when you've activated your DRS :D
Already done mate! It's the "bzzzzt" that you can hear, both when activating and deactivating, but you can replace it yourself to whatever you want! :)
Yes, yes, yes =) Thanks!
Thank you
Very good application, I am very happy. It's really good to have an audio signal in addition to the visual application.
very cool !
Great job, thank you!
Simple, perfect - does the job, exactly what I was looking for, thanks! Here's a quick video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y484kJjANyw
Great app, Definitely a must have!
Amazing, thanks!
I'm colourblind. The DRS indicators in game, and even on Sidekick, are utterly useless to me.

This is the perfect solution. Thank you!
Wow, that's awesome, I'm glad it could help you!

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