DSD Linear ppfilter

DSD Linear ppfilter 0.1e

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DSD Linear 0.1e - latest version


08/04 update - I've pretty much at the juncture that currently the default WeatherFX skybox illumination/exposure is just far too heavy, but turning down exposure/gamma correcting just hampers the surface illumination everywhere else. This means that whilst you can get some really nice colour/contrast accurate imagery, the lighting is just "off" (for example overcast-looking track surfaces in mid-summer clear sky settings).

Personally I'll be sticking to Pure for the forseeable future but as LCS develops I may pick this back up.

Previous versions;

DSD Linear 0.1d

DSD Linear 0.1c

I'll start off by disclaiming that I've never really messed around with ppfilters before now - but the new linear colour spacing stuff had me intrigued. Unfortunately with the way this is now rendered, a lot of ppfilters aren't currently compatible, so this is an early effort for those using it to be able to experiment.

To be able to use this, you will need Custom Shaders Patch v0.2.3-preview211 - you can find this on x4fab's Patreon.

As far as setup goes, simply ensure that Weather Style under the WeatherFX menu is set to Default.

The feature is highly experimental and a lot of the core shaders within AC itself have been reworked for it to be fully functional, this means that some cars and tracks may not look as expected depending on the extension configs and shaders used therein. Visual glitches and inconsistencies AS A WHOLE are to be expected.

Other than that, enjoy!
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Latest updates

  1. Night lighting & skybox bloom adjustments

    Adjustments made for night emissives and skybox illumination - clouds in daytime at high sun...
  2. New tonemapping

    Updated the tonemapping for more accurate skyboxes and passive lighting.

Latest reviews

I've only found 2 filtered that work with the new Colour Linear. Photorealistic_PHOTO and this one. And this one just has all the right shading to really bring the Colour Linear to life. Truly awesome filter! DSD 4 me!
too dark, also it looks far better if you just the natural shader with csp.
DD SimDesign
DD SimDesign
Can you share some screenshots of how it looks for you in the Discussion tab?

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