Euskadi Karting

Euskadi Karting 1.04

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Latest updates

  1. 1.04 - AI Improved

    Improvements in AI Limits of the AI path defined with AI Line Helper Tracks now have sideline...
  2. 1.03 - Noja Track added

    Noja track added It's a track small and narrow (475x6m), and the AI seems to don'mlike it much...
  3. 1.02 - Elevation & Landscape changes

    Added slight changes in the elevation (Villarcayo & Los Arcos) Landscape slighty modified...

Latest reviews

gran mod bro, hay uno en galicia que es el karting de sanxenxo que esta muy chulo, podrias replicarlo en el assetto tambien, deberias verlo
You are very good at making kart tracks if u are still making kart tracks can u make the kart track oldenzaal it is a small track in the netherlands
Amazing tracks, necesitamos Tordesillas que queda cerca
Very nice work ! I dont know if you are still doing track if so, would you consider creating a local track . here the link of their website with aerial video of the full track
Really good!
karting is way more fun than I thought
Esta muy bien hecha, pero hay cosillas que hay que pulir como por ejemplo los desniveles del circuito de navarra. No quiero hacer mal con esta critica, solo quiero que podais mejorarlo, que está ya super bien hecho, lo que es el trazado esta clavado pero eso fallan un poco los desniveles. me ha encantado poder tener el circuito de casa en assetto sois unos grandes
Very fun to drive! Thanks!
Mila esker lanagatik, primeran eginda dago Gueñes Kartinga mila esker
thank you! it makes a lot of Fun!
Great mod, thank you! You should look into making the Portimao Karting track, it's a great circuit where they host the European championship!
very very fun... great job!!!!
Thank you for delivering go-kart stuff to AC! So much fun! Is it normal that the car is so much rumling/stuttering? (Don't know if problem is the gokart or the track or me ;-))
I also noticed that with shifter-kart the AI-opponents start very fast (rocket start) whereas with all other non-shifter-karts they start very slowly compared to shifter-karts.
Wonderful work! Thank you! Please continue and make more updates and tracks!!!
The stuttering should be fixed in the last version of the karts, it was because of huge log files
mega fun with kart, thx!
Could you please make pallas karting track its in the west of ireland and is used for kartig and drifting
Too many tracks, too little time ... I add it to my list
I like these tracks a lot!
I make YT video of these tracks, on start of the video i speak finnish so dont worry about that!
Nice Tracks, Thanks for sharing!!!

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