Euskadi Karting

Euskadi Karting 1.04

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  • Improvements in AI
    • Limits of the AI path defined with AI Line Helper
    • Tracks now have sideline files for people recording its own AI
    • ai_hints.ini added for Los Arcos & Noja, for a couple of chicanes the AI had problems with
  • Landscape more decorated in Noja
  • Noja track added
    • It's a track small and narrow (475x6m), and the AI seems to don'mlike it much. I'll not do more tracks like this one, but since it's done, I'll publishing it.
  • Minor changes in the other tracks
  • Added slight changes in the elevation (Villarcayo & Los Arcos)
  • Landscape slighty modified (Villarcayo & Los Arcos)
Now when you go off-track, you lose a lot of speed.
Pit entry fixed in Güeñes

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