Force India VJM08 2015

Force India VJM08 2015 1.0

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This is the new Force India VJM08 Livery on the Mercedes Chassis!
Red Bull Chassis -
I decided on the Mercedes Chassis due to the freedom of the livery and because of the nose.
The reflections aren't perfect but not far off.
The nose is a bit messed up but don't let that bother you.
The orange stripes are too high on the engine cover but unfortunately that cannot be solved!
I originally wanted to do it on the VJM07 chassis but unfortunately, the way the chassis-livery is set out, I wasn't able to do the orange stripe or the silver nose or the sponsors on the air box.
The Red Bull chassis however limited me to the sponsors being mirrored, I could do the Red Bull chassis if there is high demand.
Please review the livery on the W05 chassis and post suggestions in the discussion tab! :p

Thanks! :D
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Latest reviews

There is no mirroring on thin skin? How come when alle other skins having mirroring?
This was a failed attempt that I felt wasn't worth correcting. So here is its replacement:
its wonderful, FIVE STARS
very good, great that you did it so quick!
if you have it done on the force india it would be 5 stars
Maybe you can do it on Force india chassis?
just not 5 Star because I bet that would be better if you used the Redbull chassis

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