Fuji Speedway 1968

Fuji Speedway 1968 1.1

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I give you Fuji Speedway 1968 track made originally by CY-33 and derDumeklemmer for GT Legends. Converted and improved for Assetto Corsa by me. This is my first track conversion/making experience.


- 3 Layouts:
GP: Full classic track including the banking section
F1: Short layout used on mid 70s to host F1 Japanese Grand Prix
Can-Am: Reversed short layout

- Working AI
- Working Starting Lights
- Physical Mesh
- 1 Set of replay cameras
- 28 Pit Boxes


- Full scenario mesh smoothening
- Road physical mesh
- 3D surrounding mountains built on satellital data
- Complete vegetation rearrangement
- Grass and dirt textures mapping
- New textures for roads, grass, dirt, vegetation, and bigger textures for all other objects

Thanks to CY-33 (author of the original track) for helping me getting the track finished!














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  1. Fuji Speedway 1968

    -Fixed a few 3D model issues. -Fixed tyre groove height in most of the track -Fixed "CUT...

Latest reviews

Now thats a race track! Thank you very much.
I experience huge glitches with the road on this map. It becomes impossible to race on this track, which is a shame as I'd love to try this one out properly
Would you be interested in updating the 1976 F1 versiontrack. While the overall layout is is 100 percent correct, I'm pretty sure there are kerbs on some of the corners for example the Daiichi (First corner) and at other points along the track and was overall less bumpy. Overall the track is very good though
Amazing! Thanks!
Great work and great track.
Thank you ;)
What a track. Hard to match if you take something fast with no downforce around it.
Great, Thanks for the wonderfull track
One of my favourite tracks! It's great to be able to experience Daiichi without the risk!

(I've quickly put together a rainfx setup, my first attempt at anything beyond basic car skins, can post it in the discussion if desired).
Amazing layout. I'm so glad that this exists. It would be nice to get some optimization in the mid parts of the map as I'm getting some pretty noticeable frame dips on the front stretch and on the interior part of the course.
I'm working on a new version of this track as of now, cheers!
I love this crazy GP layout which provided for some amazing online races to me. I'd give it five stars for that only. But really it's four stars since it's a conversion, and a good one at that too. But needs just some more work on details, shading, some rough edges here and there etc. for five stars :) I understand it's really tough this track making business, but also been awhile since this one has been updated.

Made additional cameras file here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/fuji-1968-gp-layout-cameras.29839/
Awesome track thanx
Ran it on SRS, while it's fun and overall good, it has some visual issues like z-fighting, staircase edges in corners, floating textures etc. Also it is very annoying to have pitbox at the beginning of the pits, as there's virtually no pit entry lane.
Great work! It´s a pleasure to race on it.
Lovely autodrome, detailed and great fun to drive on.
Fantastic track !!! Well done
excellent track with nice attention to detail. recommended!
Thank you, very nice track and a pleasure to race on using the Lotus Type 49
Vintage tracks are the best tracks!
very fun, really good. thank you!!

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